Mentally challenged border hopping shoplifting Dreamer deported

A so-called "Dreamer" was deported in February, the first Dreamer deported by the Trump Administration. President Trump, who had promised to end the unconstitutional program when running for president, went back on his promise after being elected, so the fact that even one Dreamer was deported is big news: that's one more Dreamer than Obama would have deported. You see, elections do matter!

The "Dreamer", Juan Manuel Montes Bojorquez, meanwhile, claims his deportation was unfair because he hit his head as a child. And Juan's mentally challenged. And Juan's committed no crimes besides coming to the country illegally. Except for shoplifting. And maybe a few more we don't know about. And Juan may have left the US and tried to reenter the country illegally. And he feels the high crime rate in Mexico entitles him to live here.

A DHS spokeswoman said Montes was apprehended by Border Patrol officers after he illegally entered the country by climbing over the border fence in downtown Calexico, according to a statement provided to reporters. He was arrested minutes later for illegal entry...

The DHS spokeswoman also noted that Montes had a previous conviction for theft that resulted in probation. The lawsuit admits this fact, but argued that the conviction would not disqualify him from DACA, which requires a background check.

Montes, who worked picking fruits and vegetables in California fields and was pursuing a degree in welding [at a local community college], claims he was assaulted a few days after he was deported to Mexicali in February. Shaken by the alleged assault and fearing for his safety, Montes then attempted to return to the United States.

After hiding on the north side of the border for about a half-hour, he came across immigration officers and decided to turn himself in. Hours later he was once again removed to Mexico. Though Montes claims this was his second deportation, this is the only removal DHS has confirmed.

Montes, who was brought to the United States when he was 9, suffered a traumatic brain injury as a child and has a cognitive disability, the lawsuit alleges. He was enrolled in special education classes through high school, and has been employed as a farmworker for about two years.

Wait a minute. Juan is mentally challenged, and works as a farmhand, and commits a crime? I know this man!

He's Lenny, from Of Mice And Men. Juan has come across the border to "tend the rabbits", to do jobs, and crimes, Americans won't do.

But wait a minute. If Juan is mentally challenged, how did he pursue a degree in welding at a community college? Can mentally impaired people get degrees from community colleges?

Juan claims he was deported not once but twice. He claims he was deported because he didn't have papers proving he was a "Dreamer". The DHS denies deporting him twice, saying they caught him as he tried to sneak back into the country, and since leaving the country violates the terms of the "Dreamer" program, he was eligible to be deported again.

I feel sympathy for all of Juan's excuses. He's a mentally challenged shoplifting illegal alien who only wants to create a better life for himself. Liberals will say shoplifting is a minor crime and should be excused; I would like to know then if we should all feel free to shoplift without consequences.

Questions for discussion:

1) Should America be admitting immigrants who are "mentally challenged", given that their likelihood of supporting themselves are small?

2) How many crimes should illegals be allowed to commit before their virtue wears off?

3) If President Trump's administration deports a second Dreamer, will you celebrate that as a great success because the Dreamer deportation rate will have doubled?

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