Hillary Clinton creates group without the words "she" or "her"

Has Hillary Clinton had a sex change operation? I only ask because her newest front group, "Onward Together", doesn't mention girls or women in the name. It's almost as if her electoral defeat has taught her that identity politics no longer works. If only.

See how Hillary Clinton has totally changed in appearance

A sycophantic fan spotted Hillary Clinton in a bookstore in Rhode Island and snapped a photo. The first woman ever to lose a race for the US Presidency looks totally different than she did just two weeks ago. Totally.

The funniest parts of Hillary's sad, tragic concession speech

After renting on the Javitz's center for the largest loser's convention in history, Hillary Clinton finally gave a concession speech the following day. I just wish I knew what her tears tasted like.

Senior Clinton staffer sobs hysterically at thought of Trump presidency

Osi Imeokparia, the Clinton Campaign's Chief Product Officer (don't ask), was interviewed on NPR yesterday and asked how she would feel if Donald Trump won the election. If you listen at about the 12 minute mark you can hear her start to sob hysterically.

My election predictions: Clinton 323, Trump 215

My election predictions: Clinton with 323 electoral votes, Trump with 215.

Could Equine Therapy cure Anthony Weiner's sex addiction?

Anthony Weiner wants to get clean! He's checked himself into a sex addiction clinic.

Art review: Nude installations of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

There have been a fascinating pair of art installations in New York City. First, a nude statue of Donald Trump was erected in New York's famous Washington Square Park some months ago. Then, more recently, a nude statue of Hillary Clinton was unveiled near New York's famous Wall Street.

Would Hillary's alleged affairs with women make her L,G,B,T... or Q?

The National Enquirer has reported that Hillary Clinton has had affairs with both men and women during her marriage to Bill Clinton. As a former Clinton operative said,

Memories Hillary Clinton can recall

While Hillary Clinton can't even recall the most basic details of her private email server, you can rest assured her memory is as sharp as a whip when it comes to other matters:

Hillary Clinton shows dangerous lack of knowledge of nuclear deterrence policy

Hillary Clinton, when asked about the prospect of creating nuclear tipped cruise missiles, replied,

Funniest lines from the NYT endorsement of Hillary

The following are the funniest parts of the New York Times endorsement of Hillary Clinton:

Hillary's plan to help America by destroying it

We now know why Hillary has been out of sight for the past few days; it's not because of a brain clot, it's because she's been busy writing an op-ed for the New York Times (though there can be a lot of overlap between the two). In it Hillary describes how she's going to save the country.

Why Hillary says she'd be best fighting terrorism

Hillary Clinton has a message for us: she'd be the best candidate to fight terrorism.

Don't count on Hillary's decaying body to save Donald Trump

We all know that Hillary Clinton is a liar. We also know that the liberal media covers up for her. So it is no surprise that when Hillary collapses, on camera, the media merely call her "unsteady on her feet" and accept each explanation: nothing is wrong, it was hot, she was dehydrated, and she has pneumonia, without challenging the constantly changing explanations as lies. You can probably bet that if Hillary says she has pneumonia, she probably has something much worse.

Loretta Lynch confirms private meeting with Bill Clinton not for sex

Attorney General Loretta Lynch, whose justice department is investigating Hillary Clinton, assured her that her private meeting with husband Bill Clinton was not a sexual encounter:

The times Hillary uses Rodham and the times she doesn't

The Atlantic had an article tracking the times Hillary uses the name Rodham and the times she doesn't. She started out being Hillary Rodham Clinton, but changed it for the first time when Bill lost his reelection bid in Arkansas

One photo says it all

Bill is a disgusting rapist. But how can Trump challenge him on that when Trump was so buddy buddy with the Clintons so recently?

Hillary donor says Hillary is corrupt because of her money

Donald Trump says Hillary is corrupt because of all the money she has. The only problem? Trump contributed a big chunk of it to Clinton, giving $100,000 to her "foundation" and tens of thousands more to her campaigns.

An Autopsy of the NYT's endorsement of Hillary Clinton

The New York Times endorsed Hillary Clinton for President, as well as John Kasich, who perhaps could be her running mate.

Hillary Clinton describes what it is like to be white

For those of my readers who are not white, you may be wondering what it is like to have gorgeously white caucasian skin that absolutely sparkles in natural sunlight. Well, wonder no more, because Hillary Clinton has provided the answer:

Hillary believes she can win Presidency riding on popularity of Muslim immigration

Donald Trump has played right into Hillary's hands. By calling for a temporary halt to Muslim immigration, Hillary believes she can tap into what she imagines to be the enormous groundswell of support for importing hundreds of thousands of unvetted Muslims from the Middle East:

The only way Hillary can be certain that Bill did not commit rape

Hillary, the strongest advocate for women and girls, is starting to get questions about her husband's alleged raping and molestation of women and girls.

Grand Mufti of Chappaqua excommunicates millions of ISIS Muslims

Hillary Clinton, the Grand Mufti of Chappaqua, New York, on thursday excommunicated millions of Muslims who support ISIS and other radical groups, saying "Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism".

Hillary proposes turning coal mines into farms and dot coms

Are you concerned if Hillary gets elected that she will shut down all our coal mines? Well don't worry! Hillary has a plan to revamp the mines and even help the miners she helped drive into unemployment. She is going to turn coal mines into dot coms and farms.

Accused Rapist affirms Hillary Clinton is "Honest and Trustworthy"

Accused rapist Bill Clinton provided a character witness for his wife Hillary, saying she was honest and trustworthy.

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