Will Barbara Bush's endorsement persuade other Bush family members to vote for Jeb?

Barbara Bush has cut a commercial endorsing her son Jeb Bush for President. Do you think that will persuade other members of the Bush family to vote for Jeb?

Jeb Bush says he's in second place in the polls

Jeb Bush says he's in second place in the polls.

Nutty things Jeb Bush is trying to bring life to his dead campaign

We all know that Jeb Bush's campaign is failing. No news there. But what you don't know about are the nutty things Jeb is doing to try to revive his campaign. Let's look at a few:

Jeb Bush & Marco Rubio expected to get zero delegates from Florida

When the big party bosses try and fix things, it doesn't always work out the way they planned. Each state decides how to allocate delegates in the Presidential contest. Some do it proportionately, so if a candidate gets 20% of the vote, he gets 20% of the delegates. Others do it winner-takes-all, so the candidate with a majority, or even a plurality of the vote gets all the delegates.

Bush, psychoanalyzing self, finds himself virtuous enough for presidency

The greatest fiction writers will tell you that the best way to describe a character in a story is to show him in action, not to describe him with adjectives.

Where in the five stages of loss acceptance is Jeb Bush?

Psychologists say there are five stages of loss and grief. I was wondering what stage Jeb Bush, given his rapidly declining campaign, happens to be in?

Bush promises to improve, just needs more testing time

Jeb Bush has had a revelation: he has to do better. He didn't know that before, and certainly not after the first two debates, and not after his enormous slide in the polls. But the important thing is, he knows it now.

George H.W. Bush, 91, still confused by conservatism

Former President H.W. Bush is 91 years old and is confused. If I were 91 years old I imagine I'd be confused about some things too, but hopefully not about conservatism. Bush can't understand why voters have rejected his son Jeb, whose agenda of open borders, amnesty, and common core are anathema to conservative voters:

Is Jeb about to quit?

What are the signs that a candidate is about to quit the race for president?

$5 million dollars later, Jeb Bush is up .3% in New Hampshire

I finally see a path to victory for Jeb Bush. After his suggestively named PAC, Right to Rise, spent nearly $5 million on ads in New Hampshire, Jeb rose .3% in the polls.

Jeb Bush says he is the ultimate disruptor

Jeb Bush has learned a new word (in English). It is called "disruptor", and he is using it constantly in his speeches.

"Stuff Happens"... like Bush possibly at 0% in the polls

In a poll with a margin of error of about 5%, Jeb Bush is polling at 4%. That means, statistically speaking, that it is very possible that Jeb Bush is at zero percent in the polls. The last time I wrote this about a candidate, he ended up out of the race shortly thereafter. I hope the same does not happen to Jeb, because then the amnesty crowd will be forced to pin their hopes on Marco Rubio, who has the same sweaty nervousness giving speeches as a first time bank robber handing a furtive note to a bank teller.

Can Jeb Bush be nominated while supporting amnesty and muslim immigrants?

I'm starting to think that Jeb Bush can't win the nomination for President. Past nominees (McCain and Romney) gave at least lip service to securing the border. But Jeb not only wants to give amnesty to illegals, but, unlike Donald Trump's current position, he wants to import more Muslims from the Middle East:

How I Learned to Stop Worrying about Immigration and Love the Bushies

I used to really enjoy hearing Donald Trump talk about securing the border and fighting illegal immigration. But then I learned from Politico that Donald Trump is destroying the Republican party, and the only chance the GOP had to win was to elect someone like Jeb Bush:

Can Jeb Bush get to 12% in Florida?

I think we can all agree that Jeb Bush is not going to be the nominee if he can't get at least 12% of the vote in his home state of Florida. But right now according to a recent poll he is in third place, with Donald Trump at 31%, Marco Rubio at 19% and Bush at 11%.

Bush, the multicultural candidate, argues against multiculturalism

If you squeeze Jeb Bush like a doll really, really hard, what can you get him to say? One phrase you can get from him is "anchor babies", a phrase he never would have said if not for Donald Trump. (He was so embarrased that he only said it once, and then apologized, saying he was talking about Asians.) But now, down in the dumps and in third place in his home state of Florida, Bush is coming out against multiculturalism:

Jeb was wrong; George W. didn't make us safer

I have a rather personal interest in facts relating to the 9/11 attack; I was almost killed by the second plane to hit the World Trade Center. During the GOP debate when Trump turned to Jeb, and said that George W. paved the way for Obama, and Jeb responded "But he made us safer", everyone clapped like trained seals.

NY Times: Jeb is not the smarter brother, just the sober one

The Times had an insightful piece where it explored the myth that Jeb Bush is the smarter Bush brother.

Is Bush criticizing Trump in Spanish to gin up the illegal alien vote?

Tone-deaf candidate Jeb Bush again criticized Donald Trump in Spanish, calling him a "poor man".

How big a tax cut would you need to vote for Jeb Bush?

I love the way Jeb Bush thinks. He knows his views on illegal immigration are unpopular, so he thinks that if he talks conservatively enough about other topics, people will overlook his minor policy differences with mainstream America on illegal aliens and vote for him.

New "Jeb--for all your sleeping needs" ad shows power of personal attacks.

I've had and still have my doubts about the ideological reliability of Donald Trump. But I cannot deny he is a scrappy fighter. Today's entry is a new ad entitled "Having trouble sleeping at night?" showing a woman asleep during a Jeb Bush speech and concluding with "Jeb--for all your sleeping needs". (Although, if I may shamelessly do so, I'd like to plug my own parody version of the speech with enhanced snoring and yawns).

Bush may have zero percent support in Iowa

In the most recent Iowa GOP Poll, Jeb Bush polled at 6%. But the poll's margin of error is plus or minus 5.5%. That means Bush may be as high as 11.5%, or as low as .5%, which is just about zero. Isn't that incredible for the "inevitable" $120 million dollar man, who now may be at zero percent in Iowa, and not doing much better (only 8%) in New Hampshire? Do you think it would help if Bush ran some Spanish language ads calling himself a Conservative?

Jeb Bush puts audience to sleep (Parody!)


Jeb: People concerned about border security are racist dogs

Jeb Bush has said that Donald Trump's appeals to combat illegal immigration are akin to someone using a "dog whistle".

Bush says that the "reality" is that immigrants and illegals speak English

Jeb Bush has a very odd sense of reality. In his reality, illegals are virtuous and never do wrong.... and now they all speak English.

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