Little Marco finds one last promise to break

Marco Rubio has made a career of breaking his promises. Most notably, when he was running for office he promised not to support amnesty for illegal aliens. Once in office, he promptly did that.

Why do candidates assure us they will continue right up to the moment they quit?

Before he lost Florida in a blowout, Marco Rubio assured us that he would keep campaigning regardless of the results, scheduling a trip to Utah the next day regardless of how the race turned out.

The reason why Marco Rubio is polling third in Florida

Marco Rubio is currently polling third in Florida, behind Donald Trump and now Ted Cruz in some polls.

Marco Rubio may not last until the Florida primary

Results coming in showing that Marco Rubio not only lost in Michigan and Mississippi, but lost in a big and extremely embarrassing way. He didn't even break the 15% threshold to collect any delegates in these two states. At this time of writing, Marco Rubio got about 9% of the vote in Michigan and 5% in Mississippi. He came in fourth place in a four candidate race.

Would Marco Rubio be a bigger loser if he quits or stays in the race?

Would Marco Rubio be a bigger loser if he quits or stays in the race? I ask this not so much as a theoretical question since it has been reported that Marco's campaign has been debating this very issue.

Marco Rubio says Donald Trump's penis is too small to be president

Marco Rubio says that Donald Trump's penis is too small to allow him to be an effective president.

Marco Rubio's brilliant plan to keep losing primaries

Marco Rubio, who has come in second, third, and fifth place in several primaries, has a detailed plan to keep losing other primaries:

Marco Rubio wrote a book with no words in it

Marco Rubio, as speaker of the Florida House of Representatives, wanted to show his fellow members that he was full of ideas. So he produced a book of his greatest thoughts:

The secret joke behind Sam Brownback's endorsement of Marco Rubio

Governor Sam Brownback of Kansas endorsed Marco Rubio for President.

Robot polling being employed to fight robot Rubio

If you're fighting a war with robots, it helps to have other robots to fight that war for you. That's what some campaign that probably starts with a "C" and ends with a "Z" seems to have figured out, using robopolls to smear sweaty robot amnesty boy.

Marco Rubio warns that robots may take our jobs... including the presidency?

Marco Rubio is warning that the robots are taking over.

New Rubio Cartoons!

By now everyone knows about Rubio's meltdown in the New Hampshire debate. It was a curious mixture of melting, with Rubio's forehead turning into an olympic sized swimming pool, and robotic behavior, with the superficial Rubio repeating the same phrase over and over.

Marco Rubio betting Iowa voters want to binge view his stump speech

If you're a wooden speaker, and you put listeners to sleep, what's the best kind of ad to run if you want people to vote for you?
A 30 minute infomertial where you read your entire stump speech!

If elected President, Marco Rubio promises to carry out God's plan

Marco Rubio is running an ad where he states that his goal is eternity, the ability to live alongside his creator and the gift of salvation offered by Jesus Christ. Rubio adds that he wants to cooperate with God's plan. He further states:

Super Conservative National Review calls Marco Rubio extremely conservative

The super duper conservative National Review calls Marco Rubio extremely conservative in two nearly identical articles today... or maybe its NR that's extremely conservative and Marco Rubio who is super conservative, you decide. One article by Jim Geraghty calls Rubio "plenty" conservative, and the other by Deroy Murdock calls him "solid"... involuntarily bringing to mind the unfortunate image of a bowel movement.

Rubio, promising to slow budget bill, doesn't show up to vote

Marco Rubio, opposing the budget busting spending bill that worked its way through Capitol Hill, promised to use tactics to delay its passage, but then he decided not to even bother to show up to vote:

Chris Christie is a political suicide bomber detonating next to Marco Rubio

Chris Christie could be single handedly responsible for the political downfall of Marco Rubio. The Times revealed that he basically has no staff outside of Iowa and New Hampshire. He is banking on big poll numbers in New Hampshire to jumpstart his campaign. But while a candidate can expect a boost from a good showing in New Hampshire, they still need a state by state organization in place in order to take advantage of it. If Chris Christie expects to do well in New Hampshire and then suddenly build up in other states, it simply isn't going to happen. There's no historical precedent for it.

Marco Rubio probably has about 150 delegates before first vote cast


Rubio PAC spends $40,000 to find out if Rubio fathered an "undocumented" child

A Super PAC supporting Marco Rubio has spent $40,000 to find out whether Marco Rubio fathered a child out of wedlock.

Marco Rubio implies if terrorists attack, Ted Cruz is to blame... not himself

Marco Rubio says that if there is a terrorist attack in America, it will be because of people who voted against NSA surveillance, and he has previously criticized Ted Cruz for voting against it. So he seems to be saying that future terrorist attacks will be on Ted Cruz's head. Additionally, one of his Super Pacs is running an ad saying that Cruz voted to weaken our ability to fight terrorists.
What exactly did Cruz vote for? Cruz voted for a bill that stops the NSA from collecting all phone records from all Americans. There is no reason for the government to keep details on all our phone records. Remember the days when the government had to show "reasonable suspicion" and needed a warrant to get our private information? Ever since the Bush administration that has been ignored and the government has been gathering data on all of us.

Rubio ad presents compelling reason to elect his father president

Marco Rubio has a history of producing mush for ads. A recent ad featured him tossing a football and talking about sports teams. And now he has produced an ad... about his father.

Marco Rubio wants to defeat ISIS by arming ISIS and fighting its enemies

Marco Rubio has a plan for defeating ISIS. Politico agrees it's brilliant and wants to share it with every one.

Jeb Bush & Marco Rubio expected to get zero delegates from Florida

When the big party bosses try and fix things, it doesn't always work out the way they planned. Each state decides how to allocate delegates in the Presidential contest. Some do it proportionately, so if a candidate gets 20% of the vote, he gets 20% of the delegates. Others do it winner-takes-all, so the candidate with a majority, or even a plurality of the vote gets all the delegates.

Marco Rubio answers most questions with his stump speech

I was watching the Republican debate on Tuesday and I noticed that while many candidates gave, to varying degrees, prepared answers, Marco Rubio was the most robotic, taking nearly every question he received and spitting out chunks of his stump speech, even if they were not relevant. I find this worrisome because if he becomes the nominee, his inauthenticity will hurt his chances of winning. Here are some examples:

Pro-Amnesty Billionaire calls Rubio the "best explainer of conservatism"

Billionaire Paul Singer, one of the biggest donors in Republican party circles, has decided to back Marco Rubio for president.

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