If Rand Paul were President, we wouldn't have this Democratic-inspired budget

Senator Rand Paul succeeded in briefly shutting down the government last night when he demanded a vote on restoring the budget spending caps before voting on the GOP deficit busting bill. By the time you read this, however, it is expected that a coalition of Democrats and RINO Republicans will have succeeded in passing a monstrosity of a budget bill which, although it will increase defense spending, will also increase domestic spending by hundreds of billions of dollars over the coming years, and is estimated to create a 1.2 trillion dollar deficit in 2019. That's $1,200,000,000,000 added to the debt in one year alone.

Rand Paul fundraises off of 20 minute filibuster

Rand Paul, unhappy over the budget deal cooked up in secret between Obama, John Boehner, and his very close friend Mitch McConnell, announced with great fanfare that he was going to filibuster the deal.

Could Rand Paul be out of a job in 2017?

Kentucky Republicans are worried that Rand Paul, who is running both for President and for the Senate in Kentucky, could wind up losing both.

Donald Trump vs. Rand Paul on attracting black voters

Love was in the air this spring as the media covered every utterance of Rand Paul's pandering campaign to attract black voters. First Paul met with an expert on arson and rioting, the MSNBC sunday anchor Al Sharpton. Paul listened to Sharpton and learned from his race baiting wisdom, because, after all, who is better to speak to about blacks than Al Sharpton? (Ben Carson, Alan Keyes, Allen West, and Tim Scott were all unavailable.)

Rand Paul unlikely to be nominated, according to Rand Paul

In order for a candidate to attract supporters, he needs at least one of two things: to show that he is winning, or to show that he has the potential to win. In the early stages, which we are now, a candidate can be viable and still be in single digits in the polls, as long as people think he has potential to move up. The minute he concedes that he's not going to win, he's lost.

Is Rand Paul trying to bribe the Kentucky GOP?

Rand Paul, who is not only running for President but is also up for reelection in Kentucky in 2016, has a problem. He cannot run for both posts in the Kentucky primary. His solution? Get the Kentucky GOP to change the rules so that Kentucky will have a caucus, not a primary, so he can run for both simultaneously. Changing the election laws to suit him may be unseemly, but that is politics.

Rand Paul solicits donations from drug dealers

In the movie Scarface, Columbian drug lord Alberto Sosa hires Tony Montana to kill someone who is about to expose his connections to politicians. Back in those days it didn't look good for politicians to be seen receiving money from drug dealers, for obvious reasons.

Levin: Rand Paul covering up Obamacare fraud

Mark Levin, who likes Rand Paul, regularly defends Rand Paul, and has him on his show frequently, says it now appears that Rand Paul, at the behest of Paul's close ally Mitch McConnell, is actively trying to cover up Obamacare fraud on Capitol Hill.

Rubio, Paul, Cruz vote to allow Obama to lift Iran sanctions

As many of you know, I'm a big fan of Ted Cruz, but when he does something wrong, it's important to call him on it. In this case he, along with Marco Rubio and Rand Paul, voted for a bill that will effectively allow the President to lift sanctions on Iran.

CLICK HERE for Rand Paul's view on Religious Freedom Act & Iran Deal!!!!

On the internet "click bait" is a reference to a web link that promises to impart a lot of information but actually has very little to offer. Similarly Rand Paul's candidacy seems to have a lot to offer but when you look for specific information, you are liable to be frustrated.

Supporters deserting Rand Paul for Ted Cruz

Politico writes that Rand Paul is losing support among key followers

Rand Paul woos Blacks by offering to hide criminal records

Last time I checked, Black people

Rand Paul scores pot deal with Dems

No one admires Rand Paul more than I do. While the country is on a decline with out of control spending, an executive branch assuming near-dictatorial powers, illegal aliens flooding our country, and our medical system effectively nationalized, Rand Paul stands out. Not allowing himself to be distracted, he continues to focus like a laser beam on the most important issue that we are facing today: the need to legalize marijuana.

How sleezy is Rand Paul?

Every time I read about Rand Paul, my first thought is, "How much lower can this guy go?" He meets with criminals like Al Sharpton, calls for drug dealers to be released from jail (not just drug users... drug dealers!), calls for drugs to be decriminalized, and is coy on the subject now but covertly supports amnesty for illegal aliens.
So, he's a sleezy guy. I find it to no surprise, then, that he has persuaded the Kentucky Republican party to change the election laws to suit him, changing the presidential primary to a caucus so he can both run for President and for reelection to the Senate at the same time.

Politico High On Rand Paul Pot Policy

Scientists say that evolution normally takes tens of thousands of years to occur. But in a remarkable study, scientists have found that the species that evolves the fastest is the mainstream Republican. What else to explain the sudden reluctance of most Republicans to take on the stealth legalization of marijuana? Lighting up the debate on pot decriminalization is none other than Rand Paul.

Rand Paul running for reelection to make world safe for hemp products

Rand Paul is running for reelection for Senate! But he's also running for President! But that's what it means to be a libertarian--freedom to choose, or not to, right?

Rand Paul on Ferguson: Releasing criminals from jail part of answer

This was the real headline from Politico/Pravda: "Rand Paul on Ferguson: Criminal justice reforms part of answer." Hold on while I engage my universal translator for lib-speak.

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