Can Barbara Comstock get reelected running like a Democrat?

Barbara Comstock is a GOP congresswoman from Northern Virginia. Political scientists appropriately call her district "marginal", rather than "wholesome", because it is infested with a growing number of leftists, ideologically toxic fallout blown westwards from the work-free drug zone of Washington D.C.

Senate Republicans want to pass Obama's 2017 budget, not Trump's

Donald Trump has asked Republicans who control Congress to delay action on a 2017 budget, until he gets into office. House Speaker Paul Ryan has apparently agreed, but Senate Republicans have other ideas.

Mark Levin shows us why Ron Johnson is behind in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is behind in his race for reelection against Russ Feingold, who is trying to make a comeback. Wonder why?

Does the thought of Kelly Ayotte and free condoms trouble you?

By now it is widely known that Senator Kelly Ayotte's campaign gave out condoms as a stunt to get supporters among young, virile college age men so they will stand up for her on election day. The stunt, while harmless from a practical sense, is frought with terrible political symbolism.

The real meaning of Congress's override of Obama's veto

Congress overrode Obama's veto of a bill that would allow 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia. Not very much publicized, however, is that the legislation still gives the administration a way to block such lawsuits, simply by claiming it is attempting to "reach a settlement" with Saudi Arabia on the subject.

Don't feel sorry for Pat Toomey

Pat Toomey was supposed to be a great conservative senator. A former head of the Club for Growth and a strong conservative, the minute he was elected to the Senate from Pennsylvania he lost his voice on conservative issues for the next six years. Now he has fallen behind in the polls and given voters no reason to vote for him; in fact, he is trying to blur distinctions between him and his democratic opponent as much as possible.

Senate Republicans spending even more than Obama requests

Senate Republicans are proud of a water funding bill they passed that not only doesn't cut spending, but spends more than even President Obama has asked for.

Rule changes to help nominate a conservative in 2020

Politico made astute notice of the fact that while Donald Trump will have the votes to get nominated, it is Ted Cruz who will have control of the convention machinery, by virtue of his success in delegate placement in the GOP convention.

Don't cry for the tea party candidate in Indiana

Everyone is focused on the Presidential primary in Indiana but there is also a Republican senate primary there as well. The "Tea Party" candidate, Marlin Stutzman, is being rolled over by the establishment candidate:

Nevada Gov Brian Sandoval makes Marco Rubio look conservative

Meet Republican Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval. He supports illegal aliens, higher taxes, abortion, you name it.

Should people vote if they are undecided the day before an election?

I was struck by a poll which indicated that 13% of primary voters in South Carolina were undecided, a day before the vote.

In a brokered convention, would the establishment get behind Trump or Cruz?

It is starting to look like no one will get a majority outright for the Republican nomination. Trump is leading but polls in the high 20's or low 30's in most states. That probably won't be enough to get a majority of the delegates needed to be nominated.

Santorum precinct captain blames failure to support Santorum on dry pen

One of Rick Santorum's precinct captains was found not to have voted for Rick Santorum, but blamed his lack of support on a pen run dry.

Say goodbye to Jeb, John, Mike, Ben, Rand, Mike, Carly, Chris, Rick, (and Jim!)

It's now a three man race--Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, and Marco Rubio. Ted Cruz won in Iowa, but the key result was Marco Rubio in third place. It was expected that Rubio, the main establishment candidate in Iowa, would run a distant third, giving Jeb, Kasich, or Christie a chance to surge in New Hampshire.

Two more reasons to be disappointed in Joni Ernst

I was suspicious of "Tea Party" senator Joni Ernst from the moment she first ran for the senate. Maybe it was the way she spoke in vague platitudes. Maybe it was her LGBTQ hairdo. Maybe it was the way she rode a motorcycle to show she was a regular, er, guy.

Guess which campaign offices in Iowa are busiest?

The nerds at checked out the campaign offices in Iowa to see which was busiest. Here's what they found:

Nikki Haley uses State of Union response to bash Trump and praise illegals

Long time readers know that I am not exactly the strongest supporter of Donald Trump. As a big employer of illegal aliens and a five time party switcher, I have some doubts about his commitment. But that is no excuse to criticize him in a forum that is meant to represent the Republican party response to the Democratic party. That is, however, just what South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley did.

Pat Toomey working hard to get Obama judges confirmed

When Pat Toomey, former president of the conservative Club for Growth, was elected a senator from Pennsylvania, we'd knew he'd be a tough fighter. We just didn't know that he'd be a tough fighter for getting Obama's kooky leftist judges confirmed.

Who will be left after New Hampshire?

With the endorsement of the Manchester Union Leader I have been waiting to see if Chris Christie will take a jump in the polls in New Hampshire. The answer, according to the very latest Fox poll, is that he hasn't, down at 5%, though other polls show him up near 10%. At the moment Iowa looks like Cruz, Trump, and Rubio, and New Hampshire looks like Trump, Rubio, and Cruz.

The most loved and least liked GOP candidates

Gallup has a new poll ranking the net favorableness of GOP candidates, that is, subtracting their favorable rating from their unfavorable rating. The least popular candidate is Jeb Bush, at -1%, that is, slightly more Republicans dislike (45%) him than like him (44%). The next least disliked popular major candidate is Chris Christie, who has a net favorability rating of (23%) (49%-26%)

The most spectacular political deaths of 2015

The following are a list of the most spectacular deaths of political careers of 2015:

Bush, Christie, Kasich competing hard for 5th place in Iowa

For all you former George Pataki fans out there who need something else to occupy your time, try and figure out why Bush, Christie, and Kasich are spending so much time in Iowa.

Guess which candidate had 101 New Hampshire events but still has zero supporters?

Can you guess which candidate for President had 101 events in New Hampshires but is currently zero percent in the polls there, making it very possible he doesn't have a single supporter?

Why do candidates who can't win stay in the race?

Donald Trump thinks he can win the race for President. So does Ted Cruz. Maybe Marco Rubio thinks that too. And maybe even Ben Carson, though he doesn't have much grounds to anymore.
But what about all the other candidates, who are way, way down in the polls? At least Scott Walker and Bobby Jindal could see they weren't going anywhere and pulled out. But what about the others? It's no longer early in the political season where anyone at 3% had a chance. If you're at 3% nationally in the polls now, there is no chance you are going to be President. So what are they thinking?

Which early primary states best predict victory?

The other day when I wrote that Donald Trump was in big trouble in Iowa (because he is), many commenters said that it didn't matter because Iowa did not reliably predict the winner. So I decided to look into this. I looked at the history of contested Republican contests in 2012, 2008, 2000, and 1996, looking at the early states of Iowa (Feb 1), New Hampshire (Feb 9), South Carolina (Feb 20), and Nevada (Feb 23).

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