Scott Walker, betraying Ted Cruz, shows once again he is no conservative

Ted Cruz won Wisconsin overwhelmingly. But Governor Scott Walker and his cronies are trying to sabotage the delegate selection process. They've made sure most of the delegates are Rubio and Kasich supporters--yes, Rubio supporters, even though Rubio was already out of the race by Wisconsin!

Scott Walker is just fine with Sanctuary Cities

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker says he is just fine with Sanctuary Cities that protect illegal aliens and give them taxpayer money:

Scott Walker says Republican nominee will have initials S.W.

Scott Walker, still playing coy about who he wants to be president, floated a rather obvious trial balloon by saying that the nominee could be someone other than Trump or Cruz.

Scott Walker still trying to figure out who to endorse for President

Scott Walker has a problem. With the Wisconsin primary coming up, he can't figure out who to endorse for President!

Scott Walker pushing bill making it easier to fire bad bureaucrats

The New York Times ran an editorial taking Scott Walker to task for trying to dismantle Wisconsin's Civil Service system. The civil service was set up to prevent cronyism and politically motivated hiring and firing in Wisconsin's professional public employee system. The way the Times portrays it, only a monster would try to dismantle such a progressive system. That's because like most NYT articles, you get the liberal argument against it, but never the conservative argument for it. More on that in a moment.

Walker pulls out, revealing his flaccid conservatism

No one has been tougher on Scott Walker than I have. I have long known the great white hope of Wisconsin was a fraud, and I have worked to expose him time and time again. He's a corporatist--he does things big business likes, like reducing the power of labor unions, but when it comes to matters the Chamber of Commerce likes, and the general public doesn't, like illegal alien labor, he bounces back and forth like a ping pong ball. And it showed.

Scott Walker has been politically terminated!


Scott Walker, at zero percent in the polls, will have an open casket political funeral

The new CNN poll has Scott Walker polling at less than one half of one percent, or effectively zero. Statistically speaking, no one supports Scott Walker, not his campaign staff, not his family, not even himself. He is the epitome of zero, zilch, nada.

Can anything salvage Scott Walker's campaign at this point?

Scott Walker is coming out with a new initiative! He wants to make it illegal for federal workers to unionize. It's a good proposal, because union dues are often used for political purposes. In effect taxpayer money is used to promote candidates who vote to give more taxpayer money to the big public sector unions. Walker's proposal would end that. And to his credit, he is the only candidate who had brought forth this idea, so far.

Scott Walker can't comment on Syria crisis because "he isn't president yet"

I am thinking of adding a feature to my website where I will have a "joke of the day" and all I will do is post a quote from Scott Walker. It's just too easy.

Walker, yesterday considering Canada border fence, today against it

Scott Walker yesterday said he was considering a fence on the border with Canada:

Why is Scott Walker's campaign floundering?

There's a long article in the Washington Post talking about why Scott Walker's campaign is floundering. Don't bother reading it, it's full of double talk about listening too much to consultants, not letting Walker be Walker, etc. But one useful fact is that Walker is now tied for third (and fourth) place in Iowa with Ted Cruz at 8%. Not so good for Ted, but devastating for Walker who was #1 not too long ago and is from a border state. If he can't win Iowa, he's not going to win anywhere.

Does Scott Walker still have credibility on the issue of immigration?

After telling an NBC reporter unambiguously that he supported ending birthright citizenship, Scott Walker on Friday changed his mind, saying his new position is that he has no position, that he is now undecided again. He's saying that this isn't a reversal, merely that he misspoke because he was tired.

Scott Walker "hates poor people" because he wants to dismantle Obamacare

Loath am I to defend Scott Walker, but the New York Times is the pot calling the kettle black when it says that by dismantling Obamacare that Scott Walker (and Marco Rubio) will hurt poor people. Nothing could be further from the truth. What Walker is talking about is harnessing the power of the market economy to reduce premiums and costs for everyone.

A day later, Scott Walker adopts Trump's policies on Immigration

Scott Walker said on Monday for the first time that he supports building a wall at the southern border, and ending birthright citizenship, a day after Donald Trump endorsed the same policies.

Scott Walker still evasive on border security and immigration

Scott Walker was interviewed by Breitbart about border security and illegal immigration. Here's what he said:

Scott Walker praises stadium funding that benefits $150,000 donor

In a move intended to bring the Milwaukee Bucks out of the shadows, Scott Walker signed legislation subsidizing the building of a stadium for them with taxpayer money.

Why Scott Walker has dropped to third in Iowa

In a new CNN Iowa poll Scott Walker has dropped into third place. This is devastating to his campaign given that (1) he was leading there (2) his state borders Iowa, so he is presumed to have a near-home state advantage, and (3) the social conservatives of Iowa were supposed to be his ideal demographic. And if he can't win in Iowa, where can he win?

The facts about Scott Walker's economic record

After one of Scott Walker's fundraisers called Donald Trump a "dumbdumb", Trump let lose on Walker, criticizing him for his spending, saying Walker borrowed money like crazy and turned a surplus into a deficit.
But to truly impartially evaluate Scott Walker's budgetary record, you need to a context to compare it to, namely the records of other governors. And so that's what I have done. If you look at the most recent years for which data is available, from 2013 to 2014, you can see that Scott Walker increased spending by five percent, year over year.

Scott Walker walks back his statement on gay scout leaders

If you listen to Scott Walker talk long enough, you will always find yourself agreeing with something he says. For example, many conservatives agree with his comments yesterday saying the ban on gay scout leaders protected kids. And many liberals will agree with him today when he walked back those comments.

NY Times worried Scott Walker's rightward shift will hurt election prospects

The New York Times has your back! That's what I have to say to any Republican candidate, who can always find a wealth of good advice in the Times. In this case they are expressing concern for Scott Walker. Since announcing his candidacy he has taken a number of conservative positions which writers at the Times worry may hurt him in the general election campaign.

Scott Walker gives lip service to gay sex struggle

I would be the last person on the planet Earth to accuse Scott Walker of being insincere in any of his stated positions. I was impressed how after the gay marriage ruling came down, he called for the Constitution to be amended to give states the power to decide the issue.

Scott Walker criticized for donation from wrong kind of racist group

You can tell a lot about a candidate by the people who donate for it. That's why it's more than a little disturbing that Scott Walker accepted a donation from the wrong kind of racist group. What, may you ask, does the wrong kind of racist group believe? Well, here are some examples:

The incredible irony of seeing Scott Walker on a motorcycle in Iowa

Look at Scott Walker on a motorcyle in Iowa! He's just like an ordinary guy! And look, there's Senator Jodi Ernst with him! He's with a woman! He's not only an ordinary guy, he likes women too!
CONTINUE READING endorses Scott Walker for President hereby endorses Scott Walker for President. He's shown he's a true fiscal conservative, with a consistent conviction to stop illegal immigration and oppose amnesty, and he's also opposed to corporate welfare (except for ethanol mandates, in Iowa). Scott Walker has shown he has what it takes to be the conservative leader of our party in the next presidential election.

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