Ted Cruz's cynical endorsement of Donald Trump

Ted Cruz endorsed Donald Trump for President on Friday, the same Donald Trump who

GOP Chairman threatens Ted Cruz with political retribution

Reince Priebus, the head of the RNC whose name sounds like a hybrid electric vehicle, has issued a veiled threat against Ted Cruz, saying that candidates who didn't endorse Donald Trump would face political retribution in the future. While many Republicans have not endorsed Trump, you can be sure that Reince wasn't talking about John Kasich or Jeb Bush.

Dumb Donald learns actions have consequences

For months Dumb Donald ripped into his opponents with highly personal attacks. He attacked Ted Cruz's wife as ugly, tweeting an unflattering photo of her. He even implied Cruz's father was involved in assassinating John F. Kennedy. He called Ted Cruz "Lyin Ted" a million times, and even after Cruz withdrew laughed at him by calling him Lyin Ted yet again, sneering, "Well, I guess I can't call him Lyin Ted anymore!". Trump thought he was really funny at the time. Well, he isn't laughing now.

The moment we knew Ted Cruz lost the GOP nomination

I'm a big Ted Cruz supporter, but I knew that Ted Cruz's campaign to be president was over the moment he chose his VP candidate.

Cruz would have been much smarter to offer Kasich the Vice Presidency

Ted Cruz's pick of Carly Fiorina has been a huge mistake. Not only does she have a personality of a stop sign, but she has no constituency. She is not going to help Cruz in California, she doesn't even live in California anymore. Polls have shown that picking Carly has not even been a blip in the polls. And as I've said, picking a VP before being nominated is a sign of desperation.

Trump has better ground game than Cruz in PA

In most states, Ted Cruz has a much better delegate operation than Donald Trump. Not in Pennsylvania. There are 54 delegates up for grabs.

Ted Cruz may need a third ballot to win the nomination

Assuming no candidate has 1237 delegates, the nominee will be decided at the GOP convention. On the first vote, most delegates are bound to their candidate.

A warning sign for Ted Cruz in Pennsylvania

Every delegate counts in the race to deny Trump the 1237 he needs to win nomination on the first ballot. My estimates put him short anywhere from 25-70 delegates to win the nomination. But that depends on his only winning 16 of the 17 delegates selected by voters in Pennsylvania

Ted Cruz is right where he needs to be in California

Donald Trump is polling around 40% in California. Ted Cruz is polling around 32%. That's right where he needs to be.

Why Ted Cruz is campaigning in Brooklyn and the Bronx

Ted Cruz was campaigning in the Bronx and Brooklyn today. You may be wondering why. There aren't too many Republicans there. But that's the point. Delegates in New York are largely awarded by congressional district. A candidate can win the same number of delegates in a district in the Bronx as one on Long Island, even if the district in the Bronx has only a handful of Republicans.

Up to 75% of Trump delegates may be Ted Cruz supporters

There has been one article after the other in the press how delegates who are pledged to Donald Trump may actually be Ted Cruz supporters. That's because in many states the allocation of delegates is divorced from the actual voting. Say Trump wins 50% of the delegates in South Carolina. The voters do not actually pick the delegates, the South Carolina Republican party does. It picks delegates who promise to vote for Trump, but only on the first ballot. So what many state parties are doing is picking delegates who will vote for Trump on the first ballot, but on the second ballot, when they are free, will vote for Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz apparently cleans up in North Dakota caucuses

North Dakota selects 25 delegates by caucus. Unfortunately the delegates are officially uncommitted, so it is hard to say who they support. But from what has been reported....

Ted Cruz may have the advantage in Colorado

It looks like Ted Cruz may have the advantage in Colorado. There's been very scant polling there, so this little piece of information is all we know, but looks good for Cruz:

Donald Trump's Pecker accused of sticking it to Cruz

The National Enquirer has accused Ted Cruz of having affairs with five women not his wife. It turns out the Enquirer's CEO is a man named David Pecker. Pecker is reportedly very close to Donald Trump.

There's something weird about GOP Presidential polling in California

California could be pivotal in the upcoming GOP Presidential primary. Most of the delegates are awarded on a "winner take all" scheme based on the top vote getter in each congressional district. Still, the statewide popularity of Trump and Cruz will probably determine many of the district results.

GOP Establishment has kamikaze plan to stop Trump

The New York Times breathlessly reported a story with the title: "Republican Leaders Map a Strategy to Derail Donald Trump". The only problem? It makes no sense whatsoever.

The only way Ted Cruz can possibly win the GOP nomination

Let's face it, despite conservative cheerleading for Ted Cruz, his chances of getting the nomination aren't great.

The real problem with Ted Cruz

I think after Thursday debate it became clear why Ted Cruz isn't winning the Presidential race.

How much can change in a week in Iowa

Historically, candidates supported by evangelicals underpolled in Iowa voting because polling did not account for the fact that evangelicals participate in caucuses more than other voters in Iowa.

Ted Cruz will win Iowa because...

Iowa talkshow host and admitted Cruz supporter Steve Deace, who has a solid track record of predicting the winner of the Iowa caucuses, makes the argument that Ted Cruz will win:

Ted Cruz's radical new idea for overhauling the Endangered Species Act

Many Republicans have complained about the Endangered Species Act (ESA). If an animal on the endangered species act list is found on your property, the value of your land, for development purposes, goes to zero.

Ted Cruz's plan to "bring jobs back from China" is better than Trump's

In the last GOP debate, Ted Cruz outlined his trade policies and how they would be superior to Donald Trump's.

Ted Cruz makes Donald Trump his Mitch

Ted Cruz showed remarkable fighting spirit in the Republican presidential debate on Thursday, lacing Donald Trump with the same kind of brilliant and witty lines that he's used in his fights against Mitch McConnell.

Cruz continues to lead in Iowa polls, despite left wing Trump attacks

Ted Cruz continues to lead in six out of the most recent eight polls coming out of Iowa (and tying in a seventh), despite blistering left-wing and birtherism attacks from Donald Trump. Polls reported in Real Clear Politics show him leading anywhere from two to ten points over Trump.

Ted Cruz shows Republicans can win with a pro-life campaign

Many Republicans, while theoretically pro-life, are afraid to talk about abortion, for fear of appearing insensitive to women. Ted Cruz is turning that belief on its head by speaking out effectively for the pro-life cause.

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