California to make it illegal to film Planned Parenthood crimes

California is about to pass a law which would make it illegal to film Planned Parenthood committing crimes. The bill was sparked by undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood staff talking about selling baby parts. California is trying to protect PP from having its illegal and immoral actions coming to light, instead criminalizing those who try to expose Planned Parenthood.

Supreme Court decides that medical regulations ok for everything except abortions

The Supreme Court has decided that medical regulations by the government are 100% ok except in the case of abortion.

Trump wants women punished for abortions

Donald Trump says he wants women having abortions to have some form of punishment.

Liberals promoting abortion shocked by infanticide

When liberals are absolutists on abortion, as they often are, they are basically promoting the "right" to abortion until the moment of birth, for whatever reason. In light of that culture they promote, they shouldn't be shocked when the logical next step after that is infanticide. After all, if a mother kills her child immediately upon birth, for liberals it's simply an abortion that's a little later than usual, right?

Lib media: Desperate women seeking abortions on Google

In an effort to whip up hysteria about abortion, the NYT claims that women in states which regulate abortion are more likely to search how to do do-it-yourself abortions on Google.

Supreme court only finds laws unduly burdensome when they relate to abortion

When evaluating laws, courts rarely find them too burdensome on Americans. Take laws (or regulations) mandating coal power plants be shut down. Or laws requiring every one to have health insurance. Or laws requiring businesses to provide health insurance, or comply with ridiculous EPA regulations regarding ponds in backyards or protecting snails on lawns. None of these are considered too burdensome on Americans. Unless they relate to abortion.

Ted Cruz shows Republicans can win with a pro-life campaign

Many Republicans, while theoretically pro-life, are afraid to talk about abortion, for fear of appearing insensitive to women. Ted Cruz is turning that belief on its head by speaking out effectively for the pro-life cause.

Can a candidate who opposes abortion for rape and incest beat Hillary?

Ben Carson says he opposes abortion apparently on any ground except when the life of the mother is at risk. He expressly opposes it for rape and incest.

Are liberal women really proud to have abortions?

Taking a nod from the gay pride movement, abortionists are calling on women to celebrate their abortion experiences on Twitter with the hashtag #ShoutYourAbortion. Really.

The irony of liberals worrying about laws raising costs of abortion

Liberals are worried about laws that raise the cost of abortion. But they never seem to worry about the mandates in Obamacare that raise the cost of medical care generally.

Why Trump's flipflop on Planned Parenthood is so important

Donald Trump, who last week wanted to defund Planned Parenthood, now isn't so sure.

GOP, appalled by sale of baby parts, working on phony bill to defund Planned Parenthood

Do you know Jodi Ernst? She's the new "tea party" senator from Iowa. With her mannish hairdo and her photo-ops riding a motorcycle, she was supposed to be a cultural connection between "modern" sort of quasi-masculine women and conservatism.

Should schools teach anti-bullying towards businessmen, gun owners, and the unborn?

The left's racket to indoctrine young children into the joys of gay sex and transvestitism is to wrap it in terms like "tolerance" and "anti-bullying". Who could be against anti-bullying? But of course we all know that was is called "anti-bullying" is usually a course of indoctrination on sewing phony testicles in women's underwear or eating feces.

Abortion drones roam the sky, looking for babies to terminate

If you had to describe what the Terminator movies were about in one word, what word would you use?

Court: doctors can give abortions via skype

There's a lot of limitations on what we can do, like eating food with transfat, or drinking soda in large cups, but the government places these limitations benevolently because its concerned for our health. That's why we can't pick insurance plans with only the health coverage we want any more. But when it comes to abortions, however, anything goes. If you want your babies brain suctioned, drilled, fried, or scrambled, there's a veritable IHOP menus of ways to end your pregnancy. In light of this an Iowa court has decided that doctors can administer some abortions via video conferencing.

What if Obamacare regulations were applied to abortion?

Liberals are screaming because they feel that an appeals court ruling which upheld a Texas law requiring abortion clinics to comply with health and safety procedures would be unduly burdensome to abortion clinics.

Game of Thrones features strong pro-life message

The main character in Game of Thrones is Jon Snow, supposedly the illegimate child of Eddard Stark. But it is a very, very open secret that Snow is in actuality the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen, the latter being the son of the King and first in line to the throne.

Liberal Media struggles to find name for dismemberment abortions


Why are pro-abortion demonstrators so unlikely to ever need abortions?

Leftist judges in Oklahoma of all places who have no problem with most government regulations blocked some draconian, radical, right wing regulations that require abortion doctors to have access to local hospitals in cases of medical emergencies (why would they ever need that?)

Leftists want abortions allowed until the day of birth

Far left "women's" groups like EMILY's list (which only give to women--can you imagine the outcry of an organization that only gave to men?) didn't endorse Mary Landrieu for reelection because... she's really a man.

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