World IQ going down, leading to "Global Dumbness"

Researchers have discovered an alarming trend: the average IQ's of human beings is on a downward spiral.

CDC: Black men are better fathers than white men

The CDC, which I affectionately refer to as the Diseased Center of Control, has conducted a study showing that black men make better parents than white men. The study, conducted in 2013, came to light in a recent Washington Post article on the Post's favorite topic--you guessed it!--of racism.

No word, not even "N*gger", should be banned

There is something both delicious and disturbing in watching the loathsome Bill Maher apologize for saying the "N word" on his show, when he joked to Senator Ben Sasse that he could never work in the fields of a farm because he would be more comfortable as a "house n*gger":

Women's prisons control bad girls with tampon reward system

The New York Times spilled a goodly amount of ink talking about a very pressing issue: how tampons are used to reward women prisoners who are well behaved.

The book everyone wants Michelle Obama to write

I just heard the news that Barack and Michelle Obama got a $60 million dollar deal to each write a book. I imagine Barack's book will be worth more, but publishers probably paid millions for Michelle's book too.

How many lives could be saved by cutting down the Amazon rainforest?

The New York Times reported yesterday that the Amazonian rainforest was being cut down, but unfortunately not at a fast enough rate. That's because cutting down the rainforest actually saves lives.

Ivanka Trump vs Michelle Obama on Magazine Covers

We have a new first lady in town. And no I don't mean Melania Trump. It's clear that Ivanka Trump has become the de facto first lady, for publicity purposes. And we all know that a major role for first ladies is to grace the cover of magazines. Michelle Obama appeared on so many of them, that some people rushed to their ophthalmologist's office with eye strain. But Ivanka has already appeared on her share of covers too. So the important question arises, who is more charismatic in print?

Best Liberal Scream Ever

Best liberal scream. Ever.

Obama, building wall around home, may get Mexico to pay for it

President Obama is in the process of building a large wall around his Washington DC home. It's kind of an odd choice for a home. From the outside it looks dilapidated and even spooky.

Eager Vermonters learning Arabic to better assimilate into Syrian refugee culture

Vermonters are eager to get themselves some Syrian refugees. Really eager. So eager, in fact, that one town, Rutland, Vermont, repeatedly requested to get some Syrians sent their way! And not only that, but locals are learning Arabic (in a church, heh heh) to communicate with their soon to be new neighbors!

Is the "yoga pants uniform" too revealing for American culture?

When I linved in the West Coast one of the things I was surprised to see was women, walking on the streets, almost all wearing the same pants-- stretch pants, usually black stretch pants. It was like a uniform. And it wasn't just worn by joggers, it was worn by women from all walks of life. And sometimes, it is so revealing that you can see deeply into the crack leading into women's backsides or even the openings of their genitals from the front.

No one in the new Star Wars film looks like me

At a big Star Wars fan I was very excited to learn about the upcoming film, Rogue One. It's a war film, involving the exciting mission to steal the plans to the Death Star (the first Death Star, not the second or the third one.)

Why different polls have different results

People wonder why different polls of the same population have different results. Some people attribute it to liberal bias (and sometimes, this is correct). The media likes to push polls showing their candidates and issue positions are popular to depress opposition.

Liberals blame Islamic knifing, bomb attacks on Islamophobia

I was curious to read the New York Times comments section after the most recent muslim knifing and bombing attacks. Would they finally admit reality, that a substantial number of Muslims are out to kill Americans, and that a hostile Islamic ideology was fueling this hatred?

The funniest things about the Mark Levin show

If you're a frequent listener to the Mark Levin show, as I am, you may notice some odd words, phrases, and sounds that repeat over and over. I have decided to make a list of the oddest:

The new PC: Islamist attacks are caused by "mental illness"

In the wake of radical Islamic attack #419,498, this time a knifing murder in central London committed by a Somalian muslim, the authorities have picked up on a new strategy for not blaming Islam; they call the attack a result of "mental illness":

The harsh ideology of radical islam in Saudi Arabia

The New York Times had a rare article exploring the ideology of radical Islam as it is practiced by the government of Saudi Arabia. As you may know, the official Saudi line is that Muslims are superior and that non-Muslims are to be hated. The Times sheds some light on this ideology and some of it rules:

Men who are mirrors are barred from womens' dressing rooms

North Carolina passed a law preventing men who say they are women from entering women's locker rooms and bath rooms. I am disturbed by this, not only in how it will affect transgendered women, but also how it will affect Mirrored men, that is, men who believe they were born as dressing room mirrors from birth.

Trump wants terrorists waterboarded, outraging water conservationists

Surf's up! Donald Trump wants to bring back waterboarding of terrorists.

GOP primary calendar and voting rules for each state

Below is a chart showing the 2016 Republican Presidential Primary dates by state, along with the voting rules for each state. Generally, states either have a winner take all system, where the candidate with the greatest plurality gets all the delegates; or they have a combination of statewide winner take all with winner take all by congressional district; or they have proportional voting rules.

Does Heterosexual Sex Make Women more Conservative?

It is commonly believed that women are more liberal than men. This may be true but there is a wide differential between married and unmarried women.

Study: Most women are bisexual or lesbians

If you're a woman reading this, chances are you're a bisexual or a lesbian. If you're a man reading this, I can finally explain why some seemingly promising first dates never worked out for you. The answer to both is simple: most women are bisexual, or lesbians.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying about Immigration and Love the Bushies

I used to really enjoy hearing Donald Trump talk about securing the border and fighting illegal immigration. But then I learned from Politico that Donald Trump is destroying the Republican party, and the only chance the GOP had to win was to elect someone like Jeb Bush:

Does Megyn Kelly's highly erotic photoshoot degrade professional women?

Normally, I would not write an article about the personal life of a journalist. But since Megyn Kelly has made such an issue of the allegedly degrading language of Donald Trump towards women, I feel Kelly's behavior is also fair play, don't you?

The funniest guide to Politically Correct behavior ever!

The University of California published a guide to microaggressions. If you don't know what that is, microaggressions are ordinary, unoffensive comments and actions that offend feminists and minority "activists" with chips on their shoulders. Because this is such a big problem in the minds of liberals, UC has published an unintentionally hysterical guide to microaggressive behavior. What follows is a list of microagggresive behaviors, exactly as written, and then my own interpretation of what would not be microaggressive alternatives:

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