Trump orders raises for overpaid federal bureaucrats

President Trump ordered all federal workers to get an almost 2% raise. Two percent, what's the big deal? Well, it's a big deal because federal salaries and benefits are already grossly inflated.

Trump threatens Republicans who vote against "Obamacare-lite"

President Trump, who promised to totally repeal Obamacare, is threatening Republicans with political retribution if they do not support the House bill which would leave the worst elements of Obamacare intact.

Trump Admin. promises to do nothing about the national debt

One of the most popular things to do in Washington D.C. is to come up with a "plan" to eliminate the deficit in ten years. For some reason politicians always come up with a ten year plan. I think they pick ten years out so it is short enough to take somewhat seriously, but long enough for a politician to serve in Washington and then to leave before the ten years are up. In any event, people forget about the ten year plans relatively quickly so in two or four years a "new" 10 year plan to eliminate deficit can be created, even before the old one has "come to fruition".

Trump's budget is bold, brave, and ultimately pointless

There is quite a lot to like about President Trump's first budget. Let me give a few examples:

Trump was wrong to try to appease courts on entry ban

Is anyone really surprised that an Obama appointed federal judge imposed an injunction on President Trump's second attempt at a modified travel ban?

Liberal professor beaten by leftist students blames Trump

What do you do when you're a liberal professor at liberal university and you get beaten up by left wing students?

Liberals fantasize about being "slapped in the face" by Donald Trump

I was reading an article about possible cuts to HUD, the department of Housing and Urban Development, and a catchy phrase caught my eye:

President Trump owes Mark Levin a debt of gratitude

Just a week ago, President Trump was embattled. Democrats were lining up to go before cameras to ask "Did [Trump associate x] meet with the Russians? When? What did they say? We need a full investigation!"
Trump was clearly on the defensive.

Nutty Defense Secretary wants Islamists, Obama leftovers in senior posts

Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis wants to fill the most senior posts at the Defense Department with people sympathetic to Islamists, or almost as bad, people sympathetic to Barack Obama.

Mark Levin takes credit for stopping Trump "Amnesty Announcement"

At the opening of his show yesterday, conservative talk show host Mark Levin took credit for preventing President Trump from offering amnesty for "Dreamer" illegal aliens. Levin said that right before Trump's address to Congress, Trump met with media executives and told them he was willing to give amnesty for children of illegal aliens, the so-called "Dreamers". Levin said that Trump was rewriting his speech until right before he gave it, and Levin believed Trump planned to offer this amnesty in that speech.

The vast divide between Trump's private and public comments on immigration

I loved the moment during President Trump's State of the Union address when he announced that the Department of Homeland Security was setting up an office to publicize victims of illegal alien crime. The gasps and moans from the Democrats were very audible. I also loved how Trump talked about building a wall and enforcing the law.

Two weeks later, still no revised executive order from Trump

Immediately after the Ninth Circuit put Trump's entry executive order on hold, Trump promised a revised executive order in just a few days. This was an emergency situation, we were told. Each day we were exposed to visitors from those seven dangerous countries was a day that America was potentially put into danger.

Trump violates the Constitution exactly as Obama did

When Obama granted mass amnesty to "Dreamers", children of illegal aliens, conservatives were outraged. As a policy decision it was an awful one. But as a legal one it was even worse. Obama never sought legislation from Congress to legalize the "Dreamers", in fact, on many occasions, Obama lamented that he didn't have the authority to do so. But then he changed his mind and decided he did have the authority to do so, and did so. Obama violated the Constitution, creating his own legislation without the Legislative branch, acting dictatorially. Conservatives were rightly horrified.

What movie scene did President Trump's press conference remind you of?

President Trump had an extraordinary press conference yesterday where he scattered the liberal media like bowling pins.

Mark Levin: Trump sounds like Jeb Bush when it comes to "Dreamers"

On his show last night conservative talk show host Mark Levin says (at the one hour 27 minute mark) that when it comes to the so-called illegal alien "Dreamers", Donald Trump sounds just like Jeb Bush.

Does Trump need a chief of staff more like an SUV or a Priebus?

The President's chief of staff is partially responsible for shaping policy. By limiting access to the President, he can determine which arguments the President hears. When a policy is chosen, the chief of staff is responsible for making sure it is carried out in an effective way.

National Security Council leakers worried Trump might arrest them

If you're a left leaning member of the National Security Council and you're unhappy with the duly elected president, what do you do? Why, leak details of classified discussions and pending operations to the media, of course!

Federal workers planning sabotage of the Trump administration

Conservative talk show host Mark Levin is very fond of saying that when liberals win elections, they run the country, and when they lose elections, they also run the country. That's because liberals control much of the media, judiciary, and especially the bureaucracy regardless of who wins the election.

The smartest way to draft an executive order regarding entry restrictions

President Trump is going to issue a new executive order regarding entry restrictions after the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a temporary restraining order on his original temporary ban on entry from seven Muslim countries. There are many ways to redraft his EO, but I am going to focus on two of the smartest strategies.

A legal analysis of the Ninth Circuit's dangerous usurpation of presidential power

Previous I wrote at length how Federal District Judge James Robart violated the constitution in issuing a TRO (temporary restraining order) against President Trump's temporary entry ban for citizens of seven countries. Now a three judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has affirmed that stay.

Neil Gorsuch confirms that Trump's attacks on judiciary are working

All of us reading about President Trump's attacks on the overreaching judiciary are all thinking the same thing: are the attacks working? Thankfully, Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch confirms that they are.

Which is better, a president who criticizes the police, or Nordstrom's?

President Trump is being criticized for making critical comments of Nordstrom's, which just dropped his daughter's product lines. Nordstrom claims they are dropping her products due to economic reasons, but it is a big coincidence that Nordstrom, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Neiman Marcus and other retailers are dropping Trump products just as President Trump took office. The fact is that Nordstrom's and other stores fears pressure from the Left for selling Trump branded products and so are proactively caving in to pressure. One wonders if President Obama had sold an Obama branded marijuana cigarette, if stores in California and Colorado would be as quick to drop his product line when he became president. Probably not.

Trump should disregard clearly unconstitutional court orders

The federal courts are making a power grab early in President Trump's term. Trump's executive order, a temporary entry ban from seven dangerous countries, was modest in scope, and had ample precedent: Obama had temporarily stopped immigration from Iraq, and Jimmy Carter from Iran. Historically the President has been given a very wide latitude when it comes to matters of national security, and the decision of who to let into our country is clearly a national security matter.

NYT tries to humiliate Trump by claiming he takes female hormones for hair

The New York times published a story where it claimed to interview Donald Trump's personal doctor who said that Trump takes Propecia, a drug that spurs hair growth (as well as causing men to grow breasts).

Trump considers deporting immigrants on welfare

The president is considering deporting immigrants who are on welfare. Did you ever in your wildest dreams imagine you would be reading such a sentence?

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