Has Trump created a cult of personality?

President Trump announced that his administration is the most productive since FDR:

Trump outdoing Obama on "DREAMERS", continuing catch and release

When it comes to immigration, Trump's policies are not that much different than Obama's.

Why is Trump propping up Obamacare?

It appears that the Senate repeal of Obamacare that is being worked on is not a repeal at all but instead a massive infusion of new taxpayer dollars to prop it up:

How to use betting markets to take money from liberals

Are you sure Donald Trump will be President until at least the end of 2018? Are you really, really, sure? If so, you can make money on it. Betting markets like Predictit.com allow you to bet on political topics.

Trump quietly doubling number of refugees entering US

President Trump has decided to double the number of refugees admitted every week, but hasn't made a major announcement about it. Why not? Won't that help make America great again?

What message did Trump write to God?

President Trump wrote a message to God and left it in the Western Wall, the holiest site in Judaism. What message do you think he left there? We may find out some day. Word of what he wrote may leak when the message is removed from the Wall. That's right, messages are taken out of the Wall periodically. They are supposed to be buried, but in this case who knows in whose hands Trump's message may land?

Trump only seeking $1.6 billion for border wall in 2018

President Trump's proposed 2018 budget only asks for $1.6 billion dollars for a proposed border wall, far short of the money needed to build one and even less than the President had asked for just a few months ago.

Did the White House just provide grounds for impeachment?

At first we were told that President Trump fired FBI Director Jim Comey because of a persuasive memo from Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein about Comey's behavior. That was the first version of the story. The second version of the story is that Trump intended to fire Comey anyway, because now, four months after becoming President, he realized that Comey's behavior last July in the Hillary Clinton investigation was improper.

Mark Levin: Trump Administration on verge of collapse

Leading conservative commentator Mark Levin says that the Trump Administration is within a few steps of "being destroyed". And no wonder, with Republicans and even members of Trump's own White House staff running from him like scalded dogs.

If Trump is impeached, it will be his own doing

What if FBI Director Jim Comey was investigating someone close to Obama in the White House; and what if Obama asked Comey to stop the investigation; and what if Comey continued, and then Obama fired Comey?

Trump's biggest supporter ready to "jump ship"

Ann Coulter, one of Trump's earliest and biggest supporters, has changed her tune now that she has seen how few of the President's promises he has kept.

Who will be the next White House Press Secretary?

There are repeated rumors that White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer may be replaced. I thought we'd run through some likely candidates and see who is most popular:

Is Trump well served by an extremely overweight spokeswoman?

Would it be appropriate for President Trump to have a red, sweaty alcoholic for a press secretary? Or how about an individual who smoked five packs of cigarettes a day and had a voice like Charlie Rangel? No? Then what about a woman who chooses a lifestyle that leaves her extremely overweight?

Trump wants to be buried on a golf course in New Jersey

President Trump, planning for his inevitable death, has reportedly expressed a desire to be buried on a golf course. On a golf course in New Jersey, I should add.

Trump signs bill outlawing border wall and expanding H-2B visas

President Trump signed a massive $1.1 trillion dollar spending bill that outlawed future construction of a border wall, spends more money on Obamacare and Planned Parenthood, allows a small increase in military spending, and increases the number of unskilled H-2B visas by 120%. Most prominently, Trump's planned border wall expansion, which was authorized in 2006 legislation, is now forbidden to be built by law.

Trump calls on President to fight harder for border wall

Donald Trump was very critical of the President's move to agree to what basically is a Democratic spending bill for the next five months, which funds all the Democrats' priorities like the EPA, Obamacare, and Planned Parenthood while giving nothing for the construction of a border wall. That's why Mr. Trump tweeted:

Trump "very happy" with bill outlawing future border wall

While it's commonly known by now that the new spending bill that Congress and the Trump Administration agreed to funds mostly Democratic priorities, and doesn't fund President Trump's border wall, what's not widely known is that the new legislation goes even farther than this. Not only does it not fund the border wall, but it prevents the government from constructing a border wall with any funds.

President Schumer agrees to bill funding P.R., Obamacare, abortionists, but no wall

The President and Congress agreed to a spending bill to get the government through to September. President Chuck Schumer said

How many of Trump's "100 day promises" has he kept?

Donald Trump put together a list of promises he would keep when elected president, not merely by the end of his first term but specifically by the end of his first 100 days in office in his "100 day action plan". How many of these promises has he kept? I have rated the results below on a scale from 1-5 Bannons (more Bannons is good) to 1-5 Kushners (more Kushners is bad).

Schumer surprised that Trump hasn't fought for border wall funding

Officially, President Trump has given up on getting funding for his border wall in the upcoming spending bill, saying he will try again in September when another spending bill comes up. Chuck Schumer says he's surprised that Trump hasn't fought for funding for his border wall. In fact, Trump never brings the subject up in their conversations together.

Why does Trump's Sanctuary City policy have no teeth?

As Rick Moran noted, President Trump's threat to cut off funding for Sanctuary Cities really about a slice of funding of a very small $27 million dollar pie, because only one federal grant program would be subject to this rule. In practice a major city might lose a five or six figure grant. But that's pocket change for big cities with budgets in the hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars. I was surprised to learn that Trump's threat to "cut off" funding doesn't even apply to all Justice Department grants, just the ones in this one tiny program.

Trump welcomes Syrian illegal aliens Australia doesn't want

It's bad enough that Trump violated his own campaign promise and continues the illegal, unconstitutional "Dreamer" amnesty created by Obama. But now Trump is going out of his way to take the most dangerous illegal aliens that other countries don't want!

Schumer plays Trump for a fool on Obamacare, Border Wall funding

Is there a passage in "The Art of the Deal" which states, "Give your final, best offer first. Then, when it's rejected, start negotiating from there with your opponent to give him everything he wants."? No? Because that's the strategy employed by President Trump in dealing with Chuck Schumer.

Trump tells Dreamers to "Rest Easy"

President Trump, facing criticism for deporting exactly one "Dreamer" out of thousands, wanted to reassure children of illegal aliens, some of them in their 30's, that he was not going to deport them.

Will Trump's reversal on Syrian refugees make him a one term President?

Supporters of Donald Trump, many of whom prominently campaigned for his election, are outraged by all the campaign promises he has reversed himself on--NATO, military action in Syria, the Federal Reserve, and the repeal of Obamacare, to name a few. But the straw that may break the camel's back is the issue of immigration and border security.

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