Trump has not violated campaign finance laws, and here's why

The media is in a frenzy louder than feeding time at the zoo over the guilty pleas by Paul Manafort, the former Trump campaign manager, and Michael Cohen, Trump's (former) personal lawyer. Manafort's plea was unrelated to Trump. Cohen pleaded to tax evasion (also unrelated to Trump), but also two counts of working with Trump to violate campaign finance laws.

Woman with niece who wears MAGA hat to parties turns to Slate for help

The Slate advice columnist Carvell Wallace published a letter from a woman who was distraught because her niece wears a "Make America Great Again" hat to parties.

Trump says North Korea is no longer a threat, you can sleep easy!

President Trump says that there is no longer a nuclear threat from North Korea. That's a relief!

Why does Trump suddenly sound like "The Manchurian Candidate"?

President Trump is saying some mighty strange things since the end of his summit with Kim Jong Un, during a period of time when Trump was totally alone with the North Korean dictator for several hours. Could Trump have been swapped for a North Korean lookalike?

Trump exposes the G7 summit as a total fraud

President Trump didn't play along with the usual narrative at the G7 summit, and the liberal media predictably characterized him as the villain:

Trump celebrates Ramadan, calling it "a timeless message of peace, clarity and love"

President Trump hosted a party celebrating the Islamic holiday of Ramadan.

Trump hurts himself with falsehoods on Mexico, border wall, taxes

A year and a half into his presidency, President Trump has a number of accomplishments he can honestly refer to. He appointed Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, among other accomplished jurists to federal circurt courts; he has tried to stop the DACA program and increase the apprehension of illegal aliens; he is in the process of rolling back a number of ridiculous environmental regulations; and he has enacted a great corporate tax cut which is bringing cash abroad back to the US.

Trump deploying token border force to fool conservative supporters

When President Trump said he was deploying the military to our southern border, I thought, "Finally!" Congress has blocked Trump's attempts to build a border wall or hire more border guards, but President Trump has found a unilateral action he can take to finally secure the border!

Surge of illegal border crossings corresponds with Trump's mass amnesty offer

There has been a surge of illegal aliens crossing our southern border. A caravan of over 1000 illegals from Central America are trying to enter the country on Easter alone. Breitbart, perhaps one of the strongest supporters of President Trump in the media, finds a direct correlation between the time Trump offered amnesty to 1.8 million illegal aliens and the increasing surge across the border.

Trump's surrender to Dems could cause impeachment, primary challenge

President Trump's decision to sign the spending bill which funds nearly all the Democrat's priorities but gives nothing for border security or reducing domestic spending has disheartened many of his supporters. Even his base on sites like Breitbart are turning against the President, in view of many of the critical comments there. Some people like Ann Coulter think that Trump is depressing his own base, which could reduce GOP turnout in the 2018 Congressional elections and hand the House of Representatives to the Democrats.

Trump embarrasses himself by issuing veto threat and then signing spending bill

On Friday morning President Trump, upset that the spending bill winding its way through Congress did not have money for his border wall or amnesty for children of illegal aliens, threatened to veto the bill.

Trump reportedly pleads with Congress to raise gas taxes on all Americans

In a closed door meeting President Trump repeatedly asked Congressmen to raise the gax tax. President Trump is so eager to raise taxes that he even volunteered to take the blame for it:

Is Trump well-served by saying "I'm totally opposed to domestic violence"?

When Richard Nixon said, "I am not a crook", what did most people think?

Trump calls for money for border wall by 2028, a week too late

President Trump's budget calls for funding for his border wall. Kudos, President Trump, mega-kudos to you!

New budget allocates no money for border wall for two years

In addition to being a an enormously bloated deficit busting spending bill, the two year budget that President Trump signed allocates zero dollars for construction of a border wall for the next two years. So unless Mexico suddenly writes us a check, there will be not an inch constructed of a new border wall three full years into President Trump's term of office.

White House calls for citizenship for "Lazy Dreamers"

One of the many conspiracy theories floating around to justify President Trump's call for citizenship for 1.8 million illegal aliens is that Trump will vet them thoroughly and permit a number far less than 1.8 million to be granted citizenship.

Phony ICE raids warn illegals in advance and catch none

ICE raided 77 businesses in California in recent days. 77 businesses! Can you guess how many illegals were caught?

Trump breaks campaign promise to send Syrian refugees home

Check out these excerpts of candidate Trump criticizing Obama for admitting so many unvettable refugees from Syria, and explicitly promising to deport them when he became president.

Mark Levin: Trump's plan will give citizenship to 11 million illegal aliens

I watched with horror as President Trump, giving his State of the Union address, announced how proud he was to be calling for amnesty for nearly three times the number of illegal aliens that Obama had.

Mark Levin: Trump's amnesty for 1.8 million is "pathetic", worse than Obama

Just yesterday President Trump called for legalizing some 700,000 "DREAMers", but today is a new day, and now Trump is also offering citizenship an additional 1.1 million illegal aliens who never even applied to be "DREAMers" in return for a border wall and an end to chain migration... in 10 years. Mark Levin said that Trump's offer is terrible for the country and an awful bargaining strategy on his radio show last night (largely in the first ten minutes of his show):

Trump calls for citizenship for "DREAMers", and millions more

On the PBS Newshour yesterstay, Marc Short, President Trump's director of legislative affairs, says that President Trump is interested in not merely giving work permits to so-called "DREAMers", but giving them full citizenship, even "kids" as old as 36 years old. And Trump doesn't just want to stop there; he wants to give citizenship to millions more beyond the DREAMers.

Large numbers of "DREAMers" renew legal status, thanks to President Trump

¡Muchas Gracias, Presidente Trumpo!

Trump restarts "Dreamer" program even though he didn't have to

After a federal judge ordered the Trump administration to restart the "Dreamer" amnesty program for children of illegal aliens, Trump has complied, even though he had other options.

Trump promises to "take the heat" to sign Dreamer "Bill of Love"

At a meeting to negotiate immigration issues, President Trump made it clear that he agrees with Lindsey Graham and is willing to grant citizenship to "Dreamers".

Did Joe Biden, Eric Holder, and Hillary Clinton discuss invoking the 25th amendment against Obama?

In Obama's first term, Joe Biden was Vice President, Eric Holder was Attorney General, and Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. Did the three of them have discussions about removing President Obama from office because of mental unfitness?

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