Europe, showing no understanding of antitrust, fines Google five billion dollars

Europe is very good at regulating. Less so at creating. That's why Europe has fined Google five billion dollars for allegedly monopolistic behavior related to Google's Android operating system on phones and tablet devices, while failing to produce continental alternatives of its own.

Lemonade stands teach kids all the wrong lessons about capitalism

It was overcast, windy, and in the 50's yesterday morning as I drove my car down a city street and I saw two children sitting at a table across the street waving to me. They had no signage but they were obviously selling lemonade.

On trade and tariffs, Donald Trump is right and Mark Levin is wrong

Even brilliant people are occasionally wrong, which explains why conservative thinker Mark Levin is confused about the effect of tariffs. Levin has spent many shows, such as the one on Friday, excoriating the Trump administration's policies of imposing tariffs on imported goods.

Libs demand more than $20 an hour delivering packages

How much is unskilled labor worth? For liberals, you might think the answer is an astronomical $15 an hour, the minimum wage many states have set, destroying jobs that cannot provide that much value. But for libs, $15 an hour is just the starting point. The Atlantic wrote a sob story about someone who took a part time job delivering packages for Amazon for $18 an hour (which would eventually go up to $25). Her anger, and indignation, explains what is wrong about the liberal entitlement mentality.

The secret for bookstore survival in the era

"Another one bites the dust! Another one bites the dust!"

How not to save a dying shopping mall

It comes as no surprise that when it comes to advice on running a business, The New York Times is the last place one should turn to. The NYT ran a story about an economically failing mall in upstate New York which is turning itself around with a lot of feel-good strategies that won't help the bottom line:

Why is Sears dying?

Sears is on the verge of declaring bankruptcy. All department stores have faced increased competition from, but Sears is out of cash and about to fail. Why?

If you want to know why is opening bookstores, don't ask the NYT

There are lazy articles and there are laaaaaazy articles. This one is one of the latter kind. New York Times reporter Nick Wingfield, whose main job seems to be rewriting press releases put out by tech giants, was set to the task of finding out why is opening brick and mortar bookstores. A traditional article would investigate and report. But Wingfield was too laaaaazy to write an article, so all he was reprint a chat he had with some chick named Alexandra Alter. Is Alter an independent expert in the field?

Whole Foods plans to offer tattoos to its customers

Whole Foods, facing declining growth, has a plan to make a comeback. It involves creating new stores with less selection than its regular stores but in a new twist, in addition to selling overpriced bananas, pears, and apples, also selling tattoos, because that's what every supermarket needs, right?

Should tattoos be "concealed carry" or "open carry" in the workplace?

The WaPo has an article describing how accepting businesses are becoming when it comes to employees displaying tattoos in the workplace.

Liberals upset arbitration is torpedoing frivilous class action lawsuits

The Times had a long article describing how consumer contracts with arbitration clauses are preventing consumers from suing companies in class action lawsuits.

Is there anything on Earth that could persuade you to use Yahoo?

Marissa Meyer, Yahoo's President, has come up with a brilliant idea: power Yahoo's searches with the Google search engine. That way people who use Google might be tempted to try Yahoo because.... actually, I don't understand it either.

Why won't middle class people shop at Wal-Mart?

Wal-mart's stock took a steep drop as the company announced that it was expecting lower profits. There are a number of problems Wal-mart has, such as its website and fulfillment not being quite as good as, but Wal-mart is primarily a brick and mortar store, not an internet company.

How to teach kids about socialism

It used to be that if you wanted to teach kids about capitalism, tell them to open a lemonade stand. By producing a product, marketing it, and selling it, they would get a small taste of what it is like to run a business.

Lib Media: "Kansas is Melting!!!"

The Lib media will never have articles showing how much heavy taxation or out of control spending is harming the economy. But one kind of article they do know how to write is one which describes how people suffer from cuts in government spending, or, if not cuts, at least, cruel reductions in the generous rate of increases planned in government spending.

We Desperately Need More Income Inequality

President Obama has come out against income inequality. But in my opinion, not only is income inequality a good thing, but we need more of it.

In Blow to Consumers, Limit On Debit Card Fees Upheld


Oxfam says the richest 1% control more than half the world's wealth

The NYT published a press release from Oxfam claiming that the richest 1% control more than half the world's wealth. I don't know if that's true, but if it is...who cares?

Will taxing big banks really help the middle class?

In President Obama's State of the Union address he will reportedly call for a tax on banks and use the revenue from that and a capital gains tax increase to fund tax breaks for the "middle class". The tax would not just be on any banks but only big banks, who, by virtue of being successful, are viewed by the Left as far more nefarious than their smaller counterparts. Specifically, the banks it would apply to must have at least $50 billion in assets. Since the left has no idea how to create wealth, they only way they can give it away is to redistribute it.

Govt spending $28,000 per household

Did you know that the National Institutes of Health spent $374,000 to find out if a puppet show would convince preschoolers to eat more vegetables? Or, that the Department of Agriculture gave $50,000 to a business that packs and sells alpaca manure?

Whether you knew or not, your tax dollars paid for it–and much more. In 2014, federal spending per household was a staggering $28,826.


Taxi monopolists upset taxi monopoly is ending

In major cities throughout the United States, taxi medallion prices are tumbling as taxis face competition from car-service apps like Uber and Lyft.

The average price of an individual New York City taxi medallion fell to $872,000 in October, down 17 percent from a peak reached in the spring of 2013, according to an analysis of sales data.


ISIS is going on the gold standard!

The Islamic State is going to mint its own gold coins and go on the gold standard!

Sliding Oil and Gas Prices Give Americans More Money to Spend

Guess what? America producing more oil=lower oil prices=higher standard of living for Americans! Who would have thought it?

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