Lib racists salivate over "brown skinned" UC Merced, ignoring the 37% graduation rate

Liberals love skin color, as long as it is not white. That's why the New York Times had a glowing article about the University of California at Merced, which is majority hispanic.

Here's how Harvard discriminates against Whites and Asians

I always knew my alma mater, Harvard University, discriminated against Whites and Asians. But I was surprised to learn how they do it.

New tax on "the rich" pleases conservatives, infuriates liberals

If you're like me, you worry about income inequality morning, day, and night. Since we all have exactly the same level of ability, and we all have exactly the same drive to work, we all should be making exactly the same income, and the fact that we don't indicates the inherent bias of capitalism. That's why I was tremendously pleased when the Republican tax plan imposed a new tax on a select group of "the rich" which had eluded taxation for years: elite colleges and universities with endowments in the billions of dollars.

Liberal professor beaten by leftist students blames Trump

What do you do when you're a liberal professor at liberal university and you get beaten up by left wing students?

High school graduation rates skyrocketing under New York's new "Fail-Pass" program

Public education works! The public school system is filled with an entire bureaucracy of caring teachers and educators, a slumbering anti-meritocracy dedicated to bringing a top level education to students everywhere, especially in the inner cities, as it has done for countless generations. Nowhere is that more apparent than in New York State, where students until recently had to pass five Regents exams to graduate. But by graduating students who failed several of the Regents exams, educators found that they were able to significantly boost graduation rates. What an innovation!

Is Yale on the verge of changing its name?

My alma mater, Yale University, embroiled in the latest PC controversy about the renaming of one of its dormitories, or residential colleges, named after John C. Calhoun, has announced a process under which students may petition to have the name of Calhoun College (or any other residential college) changed. One wonders however, if this will only be the beginning, rather than the end, because Yale itself is also named for someone connected to the slave trade, Elihu Yale.

Meet the worst college professor in America

I'd like to introduce you to the worst college professor in America, in my opinion. Her name is Larycia Hawkins. As some of you may know, she was fired from Wheaton College, a liberal but evangelical school (they have feminist and socialist professors). Hawkins crossed a bridge too far when she decided to wear a hijab in "solidarity" with "Muslims".

Liberals upset over term "government schools"

Liberals are upset because conservatives in Kansas are calling public schools "government schools". They think it is dishonest of conservatives to try to use a different word to evoke feelings from people.

California spending a billion dollars to expand college with 33% graduation rate

California is spending more than a billion dollars to expand the size of its cutting edge University of Merced campus, expanding the student body from 6,600 to over 10,000 students. When complete, that means nearly 3,333 of those 10,000 students will graduate over a 4 year period. That's because UCM has a graduation rate of 33% or less.

Kansas judge, acting like dictator, threatens to shut down all schools

A judge in Kansas has threatened the state legislature, saying that if the state government did not redistribute more income to poorer school districts, that he would, by judicial fiat, shut down all schools in Kansas for the upcoming school year.

University with 2% graduation rate bemoans temporary loss of government funding

The New York Times had a sob story about Chicago State University. Because of a budget dispute CSU did not get its state funding, and as a result it has to cut back.

White teachers who think black students less likely to succeed are called racist

A "study" claims that white teachers think that black students, on average, are less likely to graduate, and therefore are racist.

Connecticut wants Yale to pay income taxes!

Shouldn't "The Rich" pay their fair share?
What if you had a guy with 25 billion dollars who wouldn't pay any taxes?

Alaska spends like drunken sailors, then whines when times get tough

Alaska has no income tax (yet). It gets most of its money from oil revenue. So when the price of oil is high, Alaska can spend like there's no tomorrow. But when the price of oil and gas is low, like it is now, it becomes time for politicians to complain they don't have enough money to spend!
The University of Alaska has said it will reorganize its campuses and may have to cut more than 8 percent of the staff, but professors are already heading for the exits

University of Arizona students demanding free tampons and dental dams

Students at the University of Arizona outlined a long list of demands, including free tampons and dental dams. It looks like they can't be happy unless they have pacifiers in at both ends.

$50,000 a year college tuition a new form of hidden income tax

The University of Southern California is the first of many schools that are asking for more than $50,000 a year in college tuition.

Harvard Law ditches slave logo but still promotes slavery

Harvard Law School's logo, which is three bushels of wheat which was designed by one of the founding funders of Harvard who was a slave holder, is going to be changed.

Liberals worry SAT places too much emphasis on English language

The SAT has been redesigned, and now liberals are worried it has too many words in English.

University bans yoga for promoting western colonialism

If you see a woman in tights smile as she leans back and spreads her legs, what's the first thing that comes to your mind?

Can you guess what Yale is not doing with its $24 billion dollar endowment?

Yale has an endowment of $24 billion dollars. Harvard has $32 billion. It pains me to say it, but both my alma maters are getting richer while poor students are getting poorer.

Liberals don't know why "You're fat!" report cards don't work

Liberals believe that the government should be involved with, or even in charge of parenting, to make up for the failures of individual Mom and Dads (or, in many cases, simply Moms). So one of the things they do is measure kids, and if they are overweight, they are sent home with reports telling kids "You're fat!".

Is the School Lunch Program really necessary?

How can kids only be hungry on school days?

The greed of super wealthy liberal colleges is astounding


North Carolina defunding leftist schools

Can you believe that North Carolina, in a very small way, is defunding a small piece of the vast propaganda arm of higher education?

Scott Walker To UW: work more than 14 hours a week

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker reportedly wants to "cut" $300 million from the University of Wisconsin budget over the next two years. I am always skeptical of the use of the term cut--from the article and other sources I cannot genuinely tell if it is budget to budget cut, or simply a reduction in the rate of increase. Also in no news story is it reported what the actual budget of the UW is, so readers will have no idea what kind of impact it will have on the system. But I did some digging and can tell you that the prior 2 year budget for UW was $6 billion dollars, so this $300 million may be a 5% cut.... at most.

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