Libs who fear for planet afraid to throw out trash

The WaPo cast a spotlight on a liberal doomsday cult called the Zero Waste Movement, founded by someone named Bea Johnson, which fears that the planet will be destroyed if we throw out too much trash.

Pretend recycling makes liberals feel better about themselves and their community

This is hardly a new story, but every so often the liberal media shines a light on it: how some of the junk which is supposedly "recycled" is actually thrown in the trash.

Trump deregulating highly toxic mercury and arsenic emissions

Most of President Trump's environmental executive orders have been great. He has started the process of reconsidering the CAFE standards, which makes cars lighter and more deadly in car crashes. He is in the process of opening up otherwise worthless lands and oceans to valuable oil, gas, and coal exploration. He is decoupling environmental policy from imaginary global warming considerations. These actions are all very, very good.

How many lives could be saved by cutting down the Amazon rainforest?

The New York Times reported yesterday that the Amazonian rainforest was being cut down, but unfortunately not at a fast enough rate. That's because cutting down the rainforest actually saves lives.

Whole Foods using solar power so it can charge $5 for a banana

Whole Foods is going to use more solar panels to power its supermarkets... because it's so GOOOOOD for the ENVIRO-MENT.....

Meet the latest phony "endangered species": Sumatran Orangutans!

We have great news! Sumatran Orangutans, long thought to be an endangered species, actually aren't. Or maybe they are. Liberals are having trouble keeping up with their lies and inaccuracies to justify "endangered species".

Liberals outraged that Whole Foods selling prepeeled oranges

Liberals are enraged that Whole Foods is selling pre-peeled oranges in plastic containers.

Ted Cruz's radical new idea for overhauling the Endangered Species Act

Many Republicans have complained about the Endangered Species Act (ESA). If an animal on the endangered species act list is found on your property, the value of your land, for development purposes, goes to zero.

Liberals fear world running out of Chocolate and Vanilla

Consider, for a moment, what will happen the day the last piece of chocolate is mined. When the last piece of chocolate is taken out of the last chocolate mine, we will have zero chocolate left. There will be no solar chocolate, or wind powered chocolate. Just no chocolate. It's not as if chocolate grows on trees... or does it?

Can overweight liberals replace Killer Whales at Seaworld?

California has pressured Sea World San Diego to give up its Killer Whale shows, the best part of a visit to the aquarium. And, to add insult to injury, Sea World is replacing its Killer Whale shows with something both ecological and lame:

WaPo pushes toilet-paper free lifestyle

The WaPo featured a story about a guy who decided to stop generating trash, for the "good of the environment", of course. He cut down to about 7 pounds of garbage a year, and stopped using toilet paper.

Trader Joe's suspected of selling low-wage monkey-picked coconuts

Have you ever worried about whether the coconuts that find their way to your dinner plate were harvested through the use of underpaid monkey labor?

Could you live a happy life with only 4,200 kinds of frogs?

The NYT reports that 3% of frog species have gone extinct; even worse, another 7% are nearly certain to disappear in the next 100 years! That means with 4,700 species of frogs in the world, only 4,200 or so will remain in a hundred years time.

Scientists undercount trees by 2.6 trillion, but assure us animals going extinct

Every so often you will see articles warning that some species is going extinct. And usually it's not really a species--you never hear about "leopards" going extinct, usually it's "purple dotted left handed bisexual Nepalese leopards" or some subvariety. We are assured they are going extinct because fewer have been seen recently.

Should oil companies regulate pollution producing activities of the EPA?

By any standard, the catastrophe produced by the EPA on the Animas River is tremendous.

Should property owners be able to grow a jungle on their front lawns?

I am a strong supporter of the right of property owners to do as they wish on their properties with as little regulation as possible. But what happens when the activity on one person's private property affects others?

Which is worse, Obama's plan to shut down coal plants, or McConnell's "plan" to fight it?

President Obama is about to release a plan to fight imaginary global warming by shutting down coal fired power plants. Coal fired power plants produce a lot of carbon dioxide, which is a key element in the imaginary theory that CO2 causes global warming. I say imaginary because (1) there hasn't been any global warming in 18 years, (2) man-made CO2 accounts for only about 3% of global CO2, which is mostly natural, and (3) CO2 is a tiny percentage of the upper atmosphere, and is not present in enough volume to be substantially trapping heat.

The unfortunate symbolism of environmental fanatics hanging themselves from a bridge

A bunch of environmental fanatics hung by ropes from a bridge, hoping to block a ship that was going to look for oil in the arctic.

Hillary sways Democrats with her impressive ignorance on Global Warming

Hillary Clinton was in Iowa, talking about the subject foremost on everyone's mind. No, not the tremendous national debt, or illegal immigration, or Iran getting nuclear weapons, but global warming.

Would a sane person drink from a public water fountain?

The Washington Post had an opinion piece worrying about why fewer and fewer people are drinking from public water fountains.

The most amazing truth about California's water crisis

I read with great interest an article by Republican Rep. Devin Nunes about the real cause of the water shortages in California.

Scientists warning of global cooling once again!

Climate scientists are warning that we may be headed into a period of global cooling. If this sounds familiar it is because it is--global cooling was predicted in the 1970's to recreate another Ice Age. Of course, it didn't happen.

The Creeping Authoritarianism: Man arrested for having pet deer

A man was arrested today. His crime? Keeping deer as a pet. They weren't other people's deer. The deer weren't harming anyone. They weren't mauling children or eating babies. They were just a man's pet.

You'll never guess what worries leftists about relations with Cuba!

Now that leftists have their way and we have cordial relations with the dictatorial, communist, drug smuggling goverment of Cuba, they are still not satisfied. They are pleased that trade and relations will help prop up the (Raul) Castro dictatorship, but worried that economic ties will hurt the environment.

Earth entering new and more exciting extinction phase

The BBC just announced that mankind is about to become extinct. I wonder if they realize how much that will cut into their viewership!

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