A transcript of Christine Blasey Ford's FBI interview

What follows is a transcript of the FBI's interview with Christine Blasey Ford, given to me by a member of Senator Dianne Feinstein's office, who also assured me that the Senator's office was not involved in any way in the leak of the transcript.

Christine Blasey Ford and the mysterious case of the missing bathroom

There was a subtle fact to be learned from Christine Blasey Ford's testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday. No, not merely that she lied about being afraid to fly on airplanes so she could delay the hearing as long as possible.

Christine Blasey Ford is now the leader of #MeTooFragile

Introducing the #MeTooFragile movement. It's an offshoot of the #MeToo movement, where women described what they claimed were sexual assaults in the workplace by the likes of Matt Lauer, Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Rose, Les Moonves and many others.

The war on men, part 554: "Study" claims women are superior doctors

What if we did a study on the survival rates of patients who were treated by brunette doctors and blonde doctors? Wouldn't we find that patients did better with one set of doctors, either blondes or brunettes? In that case, wouldn't it mean that blondes or brunettes make better doctors?

Dems promise to subordinate men if they retake the House

Democrats are promising that women will be the ones wearing the pants in the House if they get a majority in the November elections. That's because not only would Nancy Pelosi become speaker, but 35 women would head major committees and subcommittees. Voters who think women are better at ruling because of their gender are very, very politically aroused.

NYT writes obits of long dead women & minorities, but no Holocaust victims

It is a rule that organizations can declare themselves virtuous by admitting that they were less than virtuous in the past (but note: this only works for liberal organizations). It's based on the tried and true self-criticism theory of Maoist China that (theoretically) allows people to reclaim their virtuousness by confessing past incorrect thoughts or modes of behavior. That's why The New York Times is making a big splash by saying that not only did it discriminate against women and minorities in the past in life, but even after they died, by not giving their deaths the publicity they deserved. Therefore, the Times had begun to write a series of obituari­­es for "notable" women and minorities who died a long time ago.

Libs demand tax cut for tampons

Whoever said that feminists weren't supply siders? Feminists and their fellow travellers are demanding that tampons be tax free.

The end of the swimsuit competition is part of the war on heterosexual men

For years feminists have battled against heterosexual men on numerous fronts:

Which Harvey Weinstein movie title best describes Harvey Weinstein situation?

Harvey Weinstein is in the process of being arrested for multiple sex crimes. Just remember, everyone is innocent until proven guilty! So I can't say that I think Harvey Weinstein is extremely, extremely guilty of multiple sex crimes. It would not be appropriate.

Feminist Prof. says husband's repeated requests for sex were violations

Vox had a very long op-ed by an anonymous feminist professor who claims she was violated every time her husband had sex with her. She "acquiesced", learning coping strategies, such as reading a book to distract to keep her upper half occupied while her husband engaged her lower half.

Male journalists love gender-based pay cut

What is it that makes liberal journalists happy? Sexually harassing their coworkers? Creating fake news stories about Donald Trump? Pushing the liberal agenda day after day?

Dem Women to wear black to State of Union to celebrate sexual harassment

Democratic women in Congress have vowed to wear black to the State of the Union Address. Some people think this is an effort to embarrass President Trump, but what it is really about is a celebration of sexual harassment in Congress.

How does marriage turn women into Republicans?

The liberal media always finds it helpful when a liberal Republican parrots one of their major themes and Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona was only too happy to oblige.

Doctor Who officially replaced by Nurse Who

The actor playing Doctor Who, the British sci-fi character who has been played by various men for 54 years, has just been replaced by a woman, who I am calling Nurse Who, which, I assure you, is meant with all due respect. For those of you who are fans of science fiction, this trend of performing gender reassignment surgery on male characters is not an unfamiliar one.

Bestselling YA Novel features superpowered girls, sex slave boys, and a girl-God

Have you been looking to own a copy of Naomi Alderman's young adult book "The Power"? You may have trouble finding it, because it's been flying off the shelves.

Preposterous "Breakfast Date Rape" case shows the extremes of liberal hysteria

May I ask you a provocative question? Have you ever been raped? Specifically, have you ever been raped, and then invited your would-be rapist to spend the night with you afterwards, and then had breakfast with your attacker the following morning, and then, some time later, when the alleged rapist did not call you as he promised he would, decide you were raped?

Women's prisons control bad girls with tampon reward system

The New York Times spilled a goodly amount of ink talking about a very pressing issue: how tampons are used to reward women prisoners who are well behaved.

Feminists worry "Pussy hats" marginalize men disguised as women

A feminist with three names, Phoebe Maltz Bovy (I pity Mr., or Mrs. Bovy), writing in the WaPo worried that the use of "pussy hats" in anti-Trump demonstrations marginalizes men disguised as women, since men disguised as women do not have vaginas, and "pussy hats" are symbols of vaginas, as well as many feminists' secret desire to be groped by a man as wealthy as Donald Trump.

Women marines outraged soldiers watched their sex videos

What do you do if you're a woman, in the Marines, and you make a sex video, and your fellow marines see it? Claim you're being sexually harassed, of course!

Are women with two last names modern, or mean?

Women with two last names, their maiden name and the name of their husbands (sometimes connected with the dreaded hyphen), used to be almost exclusively strident feminists who felt they were losing their identity by taking their husband's last name while discarding their own. Hillary Clinton always became Hillary "Rodham" Clinton after she won an election; and Debbie "Wasserman" Schultz always used both names even as people parodied her as Debbie "Was a Man" Schultz. But women other than hardcore feminists seem to be using two names as well.

Sexist man, trying to silence Kellyanne Conway, hands her a megaphone

Walter Shaub, the holdover head of the office of Government Ethics and an Obama donor, is trying to silence Kellyanne Conway. Shaub criticized Conway for saying that people should buy Ivanka Trump's product lines. This criticism is like a drop of water in the sea compared to the cronyism and crimes of the previous administration. Where was Shaub while Bill Clinton was meeting with Loretta Lynch on a plane? Where was Shaub when Obama was giving guns to Mexican gunrunners, or failing to enforce the law, or making his own laws?

Trump victory encouraging liberal women to have more responsible sex

Donald Trump's electoral victory has encouraged liberal leaning women to have more responsible sex. Specifically, at the same time Trump won the election women started having more IUD's put into themselves.

What kind of men sign up for the women's march on Washington?

There's going to be a women's march on Washington for all those who were "with her!" and not "with him!". Most of the attendees will be hardcore feminist women, but some men are attending as well:

Is the "yoga pants uniform" too revealing for American culture?

When I linved in the West Coast one of the things I was surprised to see was women, walking on the streets, almost all wearing the same pants-- stretch pants, usually black stretch pants. It was like a uniform. And it wasn't just worn by joggers, it was worn by women from all walks of life. And sometimes, it is so revealing that you can see deeply into the crack leading into women's backsides or even the openings of their genitals from the front.

Masculine White Men more likely to be mentally ill, says new "study"

What would we do without psychological studies about sex and gender? We've had studies that most women are "part lesbian"; that lack of access to sports bras deter girls from playing sports; a study showing that women are more likely to become lesbian if they don't have ready access to men; and a landmark study showing that female chimpanzees are more likely to be domineering feminists.

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