Experts predict that men, women, & heterosexuals will sweep the midterm elections

The New York Times loves to write about identity groups, but only certain ones. So if you're heterosexual, a man who is certain he's a man, or, increasingly, a woman whose certain she's a woman, you're not going to find a lot of articles about your identity group in the Times, unless, of course, your identity group has been "oppressing" other identity groups.

A legal analysis of the gay cake case

The Supreme Court decided 7-2 that cake maker Jack Phillips apparently did not have to make a cake for a homosexual wedding. I say apparently because the court's reasoning was convoluted. Instead of saying outright that custom cake makers don't have an obligation to produce custom made cakes for homosexual weddings, the court simply said that the local human rights commission didn't consider his rights to follow his religious belief when he refused to make a wedding cake for a homosexual couple.

Widespread sex addiction is worsening depression among gay men

Vox, of all places, has exposed the deep psychological problems that gay men are having from all too frequent casual sex. The article, written by a homosexual psychiatrist, claims that the "overuse" of the casual gay sex app "Grindr" is making gay men depressed, and that up to 50% of gay men suffer from clinical depression.

Should a father be giving his son passionate kisses on the lips?

Kisses can mean many different things to different people. Parents usually kiss their kids on the cheek. But when Dads give long, hard, passionate kisses on the lips to their sons, there is something more than a little homoerotic about it:

Did China purchase leading gay sex site to penetrate our political system?

A Chinese company has purchased Grindr, the largest homosexual hookup site in America. The site, with 3.3 million members, features an easy to use interface that allows members to solicit sex from strangers.

By a single vote margin, New Hampshire permits gay teens to become heterosexual

A recent trend in many states is to outlaw conversion therapy, where people who are unhappy with homosexual inclinations go through therapy to become heterosexual. Even though the process is a voluntary one, liberal states cannot tolerate the idea of someone with homosexual inclinations wanting help to become heterosexual.

Senior AIDS official arrested for trying to molest young boy

A senior AIDS official at HHS has been arrested in a sting where he thought he was going to be engaging in "water sports" with a young boy that didn't involve water. In reality, he was talking to the police.

Gays in Indonesia given 85 lashes, and no wedding cake

Two gay men in Indonesia caught "in the act" were sentenced to 85 lashes by a Sharia law court.

Democrats seeking to outlaw therapy for gays becoming straight

Liberals are perfectly happy if boys decide to be girls or boys decide to become homosexual. But they are definitely not happy with boys, or girls, who decide they don't like being homosexual and want help becoming normal again, and want to outlaw the so-called "conversion therapy".

Guess which White House reporter produces "Make America Great" gay porn?

Jim Hoft is the owner of the Gateway Pundit, a popular website which supported Donald Trump during the election. As a reward, Gateway Pundit was given White House press credentials. Hoft, who is gay, hired Lucian Wintrich, who, by coincidence, is also gay, to cover the White House for GP. Wintrich says he has no training as a journalist and says he knows nothing about journalism. But he does know something about gay porn.

New "Alien" movie features gay couple repopulating planet

If you're a fan of the "Aliens" movies, which of the following do you recognize as being in the contemporary standard formula of "Aliens" films?

Would you let Milo Yiannopoulos babysit your young boys?

If you had young boys, would you let Breitbart's Milo Yiannopoulos babysit? Milo, who calls himself a gay conservative, was initially invited to speak at CPAC this year, but was uninvited when a video surfaced apparently showing Milo endorsing grown men having sexual relationships with young boys.

Why are feminine men attracted to electric cars?

I was listening to an NPR report on the Chevy Bolt, an electric car which is very reasonably priced (if you're a millionaire), runs as long as a gasoline powered car (if you cut a hole in the gas tank), whose car battery doesn't explode (as long as you don't drive it), and is secure in a collision as a Sherman Tank (made of Jello). But the thing that struck me was how most of the people being interviewed, the people who were interested or knowledgeable about electric cars, were mostly very feminine sounding men.

Can you figure out the gender of the HuffPo's new Editor in Chief?

The Huffington Post named a new Editor in Chief yesterday, Lydia Polgreen. She has a lot going for her that the HuffPo would find appealing:

Radical Islamic gay porn star spy caught in the act

Germany has arrested an Islamist spy who is also a homosexual Muslim porn star.

Would Hillary's alleged affairs with women make her L,G,B,T... or Q?

The National Enquirer has reported that Hillary Clinton has had affairs with both men and women during her marriage to Bill Clinton. As a former Clinton operative said,

Lesbian Professor felt oppressed at Columbia and American University

Tanya Paperny, a former lesbian professor (former professor, still lesbian) opened up to the Washington Post about how she lived in fear during her years teaching at places like Columbia and American University, afraid to show her lesbianism for fear of a hostile working environment.

Gays oppose referendum on gay marriage in Australia

Gays are opposing a proposed referendum on gay marriage in Australia, even though a majority of the population probably supports it. But the left doesn't want to take any chances; they don't want people to decide the issue, they want it decided by an unelected judge, where the outcome won't be in doubt and can be imposed on the population, Soviet-style.

Scientists find way for gay men to make babies

Scientists have found a way to make babies using only sperm, with no eggs. That means that gay men can now have babies. However they will still have to be put into an incubator, because science has not progressed enough to allow a baby to grow inside a man's rectum. But now women are no longer required for the creation part, apparently.

Lesbians simulate sex acts to protest law abiding gun owners

Lesbian students at the University of Texas, outraged that law abiding students are now permitted to carry guns for their own protection, staged a sexual protest, playing with dildos. I guess they don't want men shooting with guns... or anything else.

Scientists find molestation, not genetics, determines homosexuality

Scientists at John Hopkins have determined that there is no evidence supporting a genetic or biological basis for homosexuality.

Gay Naked Times Square man discusses his attraction to Trump

Krit McClean, the naked homosexual man who ran around Times Square screaming for Donald Trump, explained his actions to the New York Post:

Should our warships be named after gays or dead apes?

There is a debate raging over whether to name a navy warship after a gay or a dead ape. The homosexual, Harvey Milk, was a prominent activist promoting dangerous anal sex among homosexuals which spread AIDS. This made him a hero for the left, and caused Obama to decide to name a warship after him. But now a petition has been filed with the White House stating that instead of naming a warship for a gay sex activist, the warship should be named for Harambe, the ape who was killed when a child entered his habitat.

Republican convention has more speakers praising gay sex than heterosexuality

It was odd to see billionaire Peter Thiel speaking at the Republican convention. He was picked simply because he likes gay sex. He went up there and announced that he was proud that he likes gay sex.

Mr. Sulu announces he likes gay sex in Star Trek Beyond

In the upcoming Star Trek Beyond film, the character of Mr. Sulu will announce that he enjoys homosexual sex.

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