Trump EPA revisions force Enviros to deal with mental illness

President Trump's revisions to EPA's global warming regulations which killed jobs and had no basis in science has created a crisis of faith in the environmental community.

Barefoot Vegan Cross Country Climate Change Protestor Crushed by Car

Mark Baumer, a vegetarian man walking barefoot across the country to raise awareness of global warming, was struck and killed by a car in Florida. If you're wondering how he could afford to do this, he got a taxpayer funded poetry scholarship to pay for his expenses.

Explosive coolant being put into cars to fight global warming

A new kind of explosive coolant called HFO-1234yf is being put into cars to fight global warming.

Obama sacrificed over 1600 lives to the global warming religion in 2016

The New York Times had an article stating that vehicular deaths had jumped 10% in the first half of 2016. The Times was very careful, however, not to speculate on the cause.

Liberals fear global warming will destroy coffee

As part of the never ending series of articles entitled "Global warming will destroy _____", we have an article telling us that Global warming will lead to the end of coffee. Really.

Kids can sue govt for global warming, but not for debt

A commie Oregon judge has ruled that kids can sue the government for causing global warming. Never mind that

Liberals say global warming forcing people to eat excrement

According to liberals, global warming is causing people to eat and drink excrement:

Trump supporters believe in Global Warming

Guess what? Many Trump supporters believe in global warming:

Falsified temperature data shows 2015 hottest year ever

Falsified temperature data shows that 2015 was the hottest year ever. This exceeds the previous falsified record high of 2014, which exceeded the falsified record of 2013, and so on and so on.

Does global warming cause Islamic terrorism, or does Islamic terrorism cause global warming?

President Obama says that global warming can cause terrorism (he still can't bring himself to say the "I" word).

Who is better on global warming, Jeb Bush or Vladimir Putin?

You may be surprised to learn that when it comes to so-called global warming, Vladimir Putin is to the right of Jeb Bush.

Global Warming could liquidate Ayatolahs, Islamic State

Global warming has the potential to liquidate a lot of our enemies in the Persian Gulf.

By worshipping "science guy", liberals dumb down science and language

If you needed brain surgery, would you go to a "brain surgery guy?" If you needed someone to fly a plane, would you hire a "plane flying guy"? Of course you wouldn't. And yet too many people think Bill Nye, who is called a "science guy" is an expert on global warming.

Obama deeply worried about global warming in... Alaska

Obama is taking time off from Martha's Vineyards and his mobile 18 hole cabinet meetings to attend to the nation's most pressing need: to fight global warming in Alaska.

Liberal scientists say global warming, not illegals, worsening california drought

What would we do without liberal scientists, scientists who, in order to earn their paycheck, are required to find problems with whatever their grants pay for? In this case, they are required to find dangers from global warming; if they don't, their grants are cut off, and they have to get productive jobs, or get retrained to speak Spanish and deliver social services to families of Dreamers.

Scientists warning of global cooling once again!

Climate scientists are warning that we may be headed into a period of global cooling. If this sounds familiar it is because it is--global cooling was predicted in the 1970's to recreate another Ice Age. Of course, it didn't happen.

California spending drought money to prepare for flooding

California is currently experiencing a drought, probably caused by global warming, since such things are not naturally occuring phenomena. In response, California is spending nearly a billion dollars, mostly on things unrelated to drought. 660 million dollars is being spent to prepare for floods:

Harvard Study: global warming may end threat of mummies

For generations books, films, and TV has warned us of the danger of mummies. In their crypts they are relatively harmless, but when they rise from the dead and start strangling people, as they did in the Cotswolds of south central England in Doctor Who and the Pyramids of Mars, then they become a much greater threat.

WashPost says Global Warming Tides Will Carry Screaming Eskimos Out to Sea

The giant 600 foot tidal wave roared large over the remote Eskimo village of Kivalina. Kumaglak's infant son Inuksuk gave a whimper of fear as he clung tighter to her bosom. Kumaglak heard the screams of her fellow villagers as the tidal wave started to descend on the small Eskimo village. As the giant wave of water was about to hit her, her last thought was not of the hot spicy kisses of her boyfriend Umlaut, or the tasty walrus tusks she had boiled for dinner, but rather an odd pang of regret for holding on to her coal fired stove when Al Gore had offered her a perfectly good solar cooker for her igloo....

Would you allow yourself to be groped to fight global warming?

It's an easy choice--let yourself be repeatedly sexually groped by a pervert, or accept the consequences of global warming. Which would you choose?

How many servings of global warming have you eaten today?

The Left now wants to label food according to how much it causes global warming. Really.

The Authoritative Hispanic View of Global Warming

It's the poll that keeps on giving!

The Earth will be destroyed in 3 minutes


US Senate declares that the weather does change

The US Senate has voted almost unanimously (98-1) that climate change is real. What a relief! I thought the change of weather between July and January might be an illusion. Or simply a giant, uncoordinated global error involving all the thermometers in the world. The climate actually changes! Who knew? The Senate should stop passing laws, and become an oracle and answer the most inscrutable questions like these!

West Virginia decides to teach global warming propaganda to kids

West Virginia watered down an educational curriculum that dared to question the existence of man-made global warming

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