Liberal newsrooms should be gun free zones

We are all horrified by the shootings at the Maryland Capital Gazette. Unfortunately, some are going to use this occasion to call for people to be armed to defend themselves. I think it is wrong to politicize this tragedy, and I strongly believe that all liberal newsrooms should be gun-free zones.

Should a liberal with a gunshot wound to the head have a warship named after her?

Hillary Clinton plans to attend the launching ceremony of a warship. But not just any warship, but the USS Gabrielle Giffords, named for the liberal congresswoman who was shot in the head. For Hillary, every decision is still about "wimmen and gurls", but it raises the larger question about whether it is appropriate to name a warship after Giffords.

Laughable and Sad: Gun-Free Ohio State advised students to "Run, Hide, Fight"

Somali Islamic terrorist Abdul Razak Ali Artan seriously wounded 11 people at Ohio State university. He might have injured even more if a police officer hadn't been nearby and shot and killed this evil radical muslim.

Lesbians simulate sex acts to protest law abiding gun owners

Lesbian students at the University of Texas, outraged that law abiding students are now permitted to carry guns for their own protection, staged a sexual protest, playing with dildos. I guess they don't want men shooting with guns... or anything else.

Little boy eaten by Alligators at Disneyworld; Obama calls for more gun control

A little boy was dragged into the water at a resort at Walt Disney World in Florida and eaten by an alligator.

Homeland security says to fight gunmen with coffee cups

The Department of Homeland Security has published a pamphlet full of tips for dealing with a terrorist with a gun who wants to kill you.

One ward in DC has more gun deaths than 11 states

One ward in DC had more gun deaths in the first five months of this year than 11 states had in an entire year.

Georgia GOP governor makes it easier for massacres to happen on campus

Georgia's REPUBLICAN governor vetoed a bill which would allow students on college campuses to defend themselves if someone tried to commit a mass murder

Islamic invasion of Sweden shows need for 2nd Amendment

Reporters for 60 Minutes went to Sweden to document the "plight" of "immigrants" there, who just happen to be from Somalia, who just happen to be Islamic.

Obama confiscates blasters from Stormtroopers during White House photo op

I saw photos of Imperial Stormtroopers making a photo op at the White House and something struck me immediately as curious. The stormtroopers had nothing in their hands. Instead of gripping blasters, as they always do, their hands were nervously hovering around their groins, like they were black rappers talking a song.

Which are better, open carry or concealed carry laws?

Michigan is debating a law which would permit concealed carry in schools, but ban open carry.

Do shooting by toddlers demonstrate need for toddler control?

In its continuing campaign to disarm Americans, The Washington Post breathlessly reports that toddlers getting their hands on guns have killed 15 people this year.

Liberals shriek like champanzees as Houston Zoo becomes gun friendly

The Houston zoo is no longer a "gun free" zone and liberals aren't happy.

Carson and Trump break taboos on guns

Previously, a candidate for president was considered pro-second amendment if he opposed onerous restrictions on gun ownership. It also helped if he liked to go hunting with guns. That was really all that was required.

Shooter Dad blames availability of guns, not his own lack of parenting

If a child of mine had committed a massacre, I would think I would almost want to melt into the ground. I think I would be terribly ashamed because while I would not be directly responsible for what occurred, I imagine the world would think that I must have been a terrible parent, and I would probably feel that way too.

Legislatures should be security free, gun free zones like college campuses

Our kids deserve the best. On many college campuses, they are not allowed to carry guns to protect themselves. If that's the best, I think our state legislators should share in the best. Whether students can carry guns on campuses is often decided by campus officials, but state law is the ultimate decider. That's why I think state legislatures should be declared "gun free zones" and their security guards and metal detectors should be withdrawn.

Two people murdered in Swedish IKEA to due weak knife control laws

Two people were killed at an IKEA in Sweden by an assailant. Due to Sweden's abysmally weak knife control laws, the killer was able to murder both of them with an unregistered blade.

Pentagon asks civilians to stop defending its unarmed soldiers

In a piece that looks like the headlines of the Onion, the Department of Defense has asked armed citizens to stop defending unarmed soldiers in recruiting stations. Many citizens volunteered to protect them following the latest attack by a radical Muslim at a Marine recruiting station.

At least one chuch which will never have a massacre

One church has found the answer to preventing shooting massacres.

Some deluded priests turning blind eye to lesson of Charleston shootings

It's very sad to read a New York Times article (actually, I could end the sentence right here!) that shows that some priests haven't learned the true lesson of the Charleston South Carolina shootings.

What is more dangerous, students with guns or students who vote?

Texas has approved a new law allowing students 21 and over to carry guns on campus.

Did you know our soldiers are defenseless on their own bases?

Did you know our soldiers are not allowed to carry firearms on their own military bases? What radical leftwing nut job politician put that in place? Apparently, George H.W. Bush!

Kansas becomes safer with concealed carry law

Kansas is about to become a much safer place to live and do business since Governor Sam Brownback signed a concealed carry law.

Gun control creating second Holocaust in Europe

When Adolph Hitler got into power, he confiscated all the guns owned by Jewish people. Then once they were defenseless, he sent them all to concentration camps. Now in 2015, Jews are being slaughtered again because of their religion. And because of strict gun control laws in Europe, they are once again defenseless.

Texas considering bill allowing guns on college grounds

Texas is considering allowing guns on college campuses

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