Out of control judiciary orders "Dreamer" program restarted

One of Mark Levin's favorite sayings is that the Left never gives up. Levin says that if the Left loses the Presidency, they fight on in Congress. If they lose the Congress, they fight on in the Presidency. If they lose the Presidency and the Congress, they fight on in the courts, and if that doesn't work, they fight on in the bureaucracy.

Why do refugees need 18 months to leave America?

When John Kelly moved from the Department of Homeland Security to the White House, there was an interim period when an Obama holdover named Elaine Duke was acting Secretary of Homeland Security. During that time Duke decided that Haitians living in America under Temporary Protected Status, due to an earthquake seven years earlier, could and should return home. But Duke gave the Haitians 18 months to leave the country, an unreasonably long period of time.

Libs fear potential Census question: "Are you an American?"

Liberals, in general, love the Census. It's full of questions about race and sex, the common fault lines by which liberals love to divide society. They are even adding a question to the next Census to find out your favorite kind of sex.

Is amnesty for "Dreamers" worth it if we get a border wall?

President Trump offered a deal to Democrats on Twitter: If they agree to a border wall, an end to chain migration, and an end to "lottery visas", which lets in unskilled people nearly at random, he will agree to legalize the so-called "Dreamers".

Does anyone who applies for asylum truly need it anymore?

Once upon a time people, who applied for asylum in America came from communist dictatorships in Eastern Europe or the Soviet Union and often had legitimate reasons for fleeing. If they expressed political opposition to the regime in power, they often faced torture, imprisonment, or even execution. That's why America allowed anyone coming into the country to apply for asylum, even if they entered illegally, delaying deportation until a hearing could be held.

Guess which country recently built a 1,700 mile wall to keep illegals out?

Would it surprise you to learn that another country has built a 1,700 mile wall to keep illegal aliens out? Would you be surprised to learn that we are not talking about the Great Wall of China, but something built recently, in the 1980's, by a small, impoverished country with only a fraction of the resources of the United States?

Obama Sending Diseased Refugees to Red States

Obama always tells us that refugees are carefully vetted, even those from the Middle East who have no documentation of any kind. The end result shouldn't be surprising, refugees with communicable diseases:

Supreme Court, with Dumb Donald's and Paul Ryan's help, will legalize illegals

The Supreme Court deadlocked 4-4 on whether Obama's amnesty grab was legal. That means for now that it will still be blocked, because a lower court had blocked it. But it is astonishing that four members of the Supreme Court feels that the President, without any law or act of Congress, can unilaterally legalize millions of illegal aliens. The court was one vote away from effectively giving the President dictatorial powers to basically make his own laws without Congress, not just on this matter but basically any matter. This is important.

1001 reasons why the border can't be secured, according to liberals

The New York Times had a fascinating article listing 1001 reasons why the border can't be secured and illegals can't be deported. For a newspaper which believes that the government is capable of being involved in all aspects of our life--our healthcare, our businesses, even our bathrooms, the NYT believes the government is incapable only when it comes to illegal immigration.

Scott Walker is just fine with Sanctuary Cities

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker says he is just fine with Sanctuary Cities that protect illegal aliens and give them taxpayer money:

Liberals upset that illegals barred from stealing library books

Illegal aliens have stolen millions of dollars worth of books from the San Jose, California library system, among many others. The liberal response? To be angry at the library for imposing fines and preventing the illegals from stealing even more books.

If Illegals can vote in NYC elections, why not people from New Jersey?

New York City is pushing a bill which would let illegal aliens vote in city elections. But if people illegally there can vote, why not other people who are not there illegally, like people from New Jersey?

Wisconsin Illegals promising to go back into the shadows

In a gift to the people of Wisconsin, illegal aliens are promising to go back into the shadows for a day to protest the fact that they haven't been rewarded for their crime with citizenship.

Ted Cruz's solution to illegal aliens: self-deportation

For months Ted Cruz has refused to call for deportation of illegal aliens. He has called for securing the border, but has refused to talk about what to do with illegals already here, saying he would not address that issue until the border was secured.

Donald Trump plans to bypass courts when deporting Illegals

Donald Trump revealed a little more about his plans to deport illegal aliens. He was challenged by the corporatists at Business Insider about the practicality of his plan to deport illegal immigrants. They wanted to show him up and make him look like a fool. Instead, I think they were surprised by what he said:

Refugees can get permanent legal status after one year

While Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush are calling to let more Syrian refugees into the country, not much thinking occurs of what will happen after they are let in. Most people think that since they are "refugees", that they will have to go home at some point.

23 GOP Governors take firm stand on Syrian Refugees; silent on illegal aliens

23 brave Republican governors, standing up for principles, for the security of their citizens, are taking a courageous position against the federal government, saying that they refuse to take in any Syrian refugees, for fear that some of these unvetted people could be terrorists (and not just what Obama generically calls "terrorists", but radical Islamist terorrists). What a brave stand by GOP governors! Yay!

Ted Cruz called for legalizing illegal aliens... in 2013

A rather astonishing video has surfaced courtesy of the Rick Santorum campaign showing Ted Cruz, apparently during a debate over Marco Rubio's Gang of 8 "Amnesty Bill", calling for a provision which would legalize all 11+ million illegal aliens. He even used the liberal codephrase, "Bringing them out of the shadows". I encourage you to watch the video and see for yourself.

Trump, Carson, Rubio talk of their plans for amnesty for illegal aliens

Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and Marco Rubio shed some light on their plans for amnesty for illegal aliens on Wednesday.

Obama proposes schools celebrate "undocumented immigrant awareness day"

Warning: This isn't an article from the Onion. Obama's Department of Education is proposing that schools spend a week celebrating illegal aliens, including an "undocumented immigrant awareness day". Can "Celebrate Destruction of America Day" be far behind?

When it comes to deporting illegals, George Will is George Won't

I need some help figuring George Will out: is he selectively ignorant on immigration, or simply not very smart? It's a tough question because of Will's intellectual reputation and yet he seems willfully ignorant on the issue of border security. In his latest piece in the National Review he blasts Donald Trump for his plan to deport illegals:

How I Learned to Stop Worrying about Immigration and Love the Bushies

I used to really enjoy hearing Donald Trump talk about securing the border and fighting illegal immigration. But then I learned from Politico that Donald Trump is destroying the Republican party, and the only chance the GOP had to win was to elect someone like Jeb Bush:

Carson: "If elected, I will ask American people what to do about Amnesty"

Agree with him or not, Ben Carson is a straight shooter on most issues... except when it comes to amnesty. He has said in the past that he supports guest worker status for illegal aliens. Now on Hannity when asked about amnesty for illegals, he said that if he's elected, he will be "very interested" in finding out what the American people want to do on the subject.

Why the Refugee Act of 1980 needs to be rewritten or struck down

I was somewhat startled to read that President Obama is going to expand the number of refugees unilaterally, without any input from Congress:

Operation Wetback deported 1 million illegals with only 750 agents

Jeb Bush says it will cost "hundreds of billions of dollars" to deport illegal aliens. President Eisenhower, however, deported a million alone in the space of a year, and with only 750 deportation agents, in an operation with a name we would never use today: Operation Wetback.

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