Will you rush to the theaters to see a 76 year old Indiana Jones?

It has just been announced that the fifth (as yet untitled) Indiana Jones film will be released in 2020. If it films in 2019, Harrison Ford, who is expected to star in it, will be 76 years old. In his last outing in 2008, in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Ford was "only" 65 years old but still looked embarrassing as an action hero, with pants riding really high above his waist.

NEA taxpayer dollars helps artists feel good about themselves

The Washington Post tried to create what it thought was a clever agit/prop video in favor of the National Endowment for the Arts. Rather than showing NEA funding in big cities, the video explored funding largely in rural, conservative Indiana, represented by Republican congressmen. The hope was to whip up support among Republicans to save the NEA.

Emmys under fire for limiting award categories to men and women

The Emmys are being criticized for limiting nominations to actors and actresses. In fact, if you go back in history and look at past recipients of awards, 100% have been either men or women. Obviously, there is a pattern of ingrained gender discrimination going on here. And one actress, or actor, or something in between, is calling them out on it.

No, girls should NOT be allowed to wear yoga pants on airplanes

A leftist woman who is passionate about denying American citizens their second amendment rights was outraged when she saw United Airlines refuse to let two young girls board a flight wearing skin tight "leggings" or yoga pants until they put on something to cover up. Sites like the Huffington Post milked the outrage, saying that a double standard applied because men were allowed to board wearing shorts, and leftist men immediately tweated that they would be quick to fly United in yoga pants to show their solidarity. (I have decided to stop flying on airplanes effective immediately.)

Men in Third World calling phone numbers at random in search of love (sex)

Technology has certainly changed the Third World. In countries like India and Morocco where cellphones are widely available for the first time, men are dialing random phone numbers and, when they hear a woman's voice at the other end, they immediately engage in sexy talk to try and get them interested.

Liberals say King Kong=black people

With a new King Kong movie coming out, a whole segment on NPR was devoted to proving that the fictional King Kong monster is actually a commentary on black people. The show interviewed Robin Means Coleman, a professor of Afroamerican studies at the University of Michigan who specializes in studying King Kong.

New "Alien" movie features gay couple repopulating planet

If you're a fan of the "Aliens" movies, which of the following do you recognize as being in the contemporary standard formula of "Aliens" films?

What movie scene did President Trump's press conference remind you of?

President Trump had an extraordinary press conference yesterday where he scattered the liberal media like bowling pins.

Ivanka Trump vs Michelle Obama on Magazine Covers

We have a new first lady in town. And no I don't mean Melania Trump. It's clear that Ivanka Trump has become the de facto first lady, for publicity purposes. And we all know that a major role for first ladies is to grace the cover of magazines. Michelle Obama appeared on so many of them, that some people rushed to their ophthalmologist's office with eye strain. But Ivanka has already appeared on her share of covers too. So the important question arises, who is more charismatic in print?

The vastly overrated Mary Tyler Moore Show

I was surprised listening to the Mark Levin show to hear Mark get emotional about the death of Mary Tyler Moore and the show of the same name.

No one in the new Star Wars film looks like me

At a big Star Wars fan I was very excited to learn about the upcoming film, Rogue One. It's a war film, involving the exciting mission to steal the plans to the Death Star (the first Death Star, not the second or the third one.)

Feminists complain Wonder Woman's costume too revealing

The United Nations has made the fictional character Wonder Woman an "honorary ambassador" for the "empowerment of women and girls." The United Nations must believe that women, by virtue of being women, are subservient and obedient and need liberating. Do you think this is going to be a campaign aimed at Muslim countries?

New Star Trek series to feature woman lead, homosexual assistant

The new Star Trek series is featuring a female lead and an officer who enjoys anal sex.

New Hijab wearing muppet "empowers women"

In a classic example of 1984-style opposite common sense thinking, Sesame Street is introducing a Hijab wearing muppet which is said to "empower women." That is opposite reality because the hijab is a symbol of servitude and second class citizenship for Muslim women.

Do you really want to see a 75 year old Indiana Jones?

They are making a fifth Indiana Jones movie. Starring Harrison Old.

J.J.Abrams promises racial quotas in casting calls

J.J. Abrams, the man who artistically raped Star Trek and then Star Wars, has an exciting announcement to make about diversity in Hollywood:

Why doesn't the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition feature old or ugly women?

Sports Illustrated is being hailed for putting a fat woman on its cover. The model, Ashley Graham, is leaning forward and her boobs are so large they are practically scraping the ground. Not a very healthy look.

The publication date of the last Game of Thrones book has been released

Fans of the Game of Thrones books (also called "A Song of Ice and Fire") have been waiting a long time for the sixth of seven books in story, especially since the HBO series of the same name has now caught up to the last book. Author George RR Martin, who previously churned out books at a rate of one every two years, started taking a longer and longer to write his books. His first three books in the series, A Game of Thrones, Clash of Kings, and a Storm of Swords, were each published within two years of each other.

The most spoilerific review of The Force Awakens

It simply isn't possible to substantially review Star Wars: The Force Awakens without talking about some really specific details... like the ending. So this is your first and last chance to stop reading now if you don't want to know any more...

Have you seen the Cruz & Trump Star Wars videos?

Two Star Wars videos are circulating around the internet, one featuring Ted Cruz and one featuring Donald Trump.

Trump is Kirk and Obama is Picard

I was watching Donald Trump speak and suddenly I had a flashback to the Star Trek episode "Bread and Circuses" where Claudius Marcus tells Kirk "You're a Roman, Kirk, or you should have been". Marcus had been trying to break Kirk down by sending Spock and McCoy to fight in gladiator games...

Star Wars creates female soccer ball droid as role model for young grrrls

Let's face it, there has always been a lack of female role models in Star Wars, at least when it comes to droids. R2-D2 is as male as you can get. C-3PO is obviously transgendered (perhaps he learned to speak like a girl at a taxpayer funded institution). So, we must ask, where are the female droids?

What's wrong with Princess Leia in a slave bikini?

Disney has order that all merchandizing based on Princess Leia in her classic metal slave bikini be halted.

Are you ready for a Black Boba Fett?

There seems to be a feeling that there aren't enough minority characters in existing film franchises. Fine. The way to change that is to create new characters who are played by minorities. But the way the film studios are solving it are different. They are taking existing characters who have long histories of being white, and turning them into minority characters.

Star Wars adding gay characters but lagging on transgendered stormtroopers

Do you go to Star Wars films to watch Obi Wan Kenobi giving Anakin Skywalker a soothing back massage with coconut oil? Or to watch Han Solo embrace Luke Skywalker after a victorious battle, get an odd expression on his face, and then look down and say, "Great, kid! Don't get cocky!"

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