Trump celebrates Ramadan, calling it "a timeless message of peace, clarity and love"

President Trump hosted a party celebrating the Islamic holiday of Ramadan.

China using conversion therapy to turn radical muslims into happy communists

Is being a radical Islamist something you are born with, or a disease that can be cured? China is betting on the latter, which is why it sends radical muslims to brainwashing camps to wash away all their "Muslimness"... and turn them into happy communists!

"Palestinians" sacrificing babies to score PR points

Just when you think the so-called Palestinians (Arabs living in Gaza and Judea and Samaria) can't go any lower, they manage to outdo themselves with utter vileness, sacrificing babies for their cause. For weeks Gazans have attempted to storm the border with Israel. They say they want to return to their "ancestral homes", even though most of them have been born in Gaza. What they really mean is that they want to destroy Israel and drive the Jews into the sea.

NYT: 99.99% of Muslims are Peaceful

Have you ever wondered what percentage of Muslims are peaceful? 30%? 50%? 70? 80%?

US Ambassador apologies for pointing out Dutch "no-go" zones

US Ambassador to the Netherlands Peter Hoekstra apologized after claiming that there were parts of the Netherlands that were too dangerous to go to due to Muslim immigration.

Lib experts: Execution of terrorists will only make Islamists angrier and angrier

The Times reported that Egypt executed fifteen Islamic terrorists, but, predictably, the Times worried that the executions would only make radical Islamists commit more acts of terror.

NYT: If Jesus were here, he's spend Christmas with Lesbians

An op-ed writer for the New York Times has opined that if Jesus were around, he's use Christmas to spend some quality time in the area of Lesbos. Lesbos is the Greek island where a lot of Muslim immigrants have come to.

Rohingya Muslims in desperate need of protection from Rohingya Muslims

By now the plight of the Rohingya Muslims is all too familiar. Pushed out of Myanmar (Burma) by the Burmese army which burned down their villages, killed men, and raped women, the Rohingya have settled into unruly camps in Bangladesh. But the ordeal for the Rohingya is not over. They suffer from beatings, rape, and sexual slavery... at the hands of their fellow Rohingya.

Many American Jewish "leaders" deaf, blind, and dumb to Islamic Kristallnacht

Sweden has been importing an enormous number of Muslim immigrants. (Perhaps they don't like blondes anymore?) The results have been predictable, and catastrophic, but especially for the Jewish people who live there.

The mysterious resignation of a senior globalist at the NSC

Dina Powell is the deputy National Security Advisor. That's a pretty senior rank. That means that many times she briefs President Trump personally.

Should Breitbart have fired a reporter who blamed attacks on Muslims?

Breitbart has fired reporter Katie McHugh after she tweeted the following:

Guess how liberals reacted to the Islamic attack in London!

When Muslims kill people "in the name of Allah", how to liberals react? We know they don't equate the terrorist act with the Islamic religion. So what do they say? Because it is important to know how liberal think, I have donned a hazmat suit and dived deeply into the comments section of the HuffPo and the WaPo to enlighten you.

Trump admitting Islamist refugees at an accelerated rate

The Trump administration is admitted 20% more refugees in May than it did in April, and many of them were Islamists from places like Syria, the Sudan, and Somalia.

Why is Trump's Defense Department celebrating Ramadan?

Are you still waiting for your invitation to the State Department's Ramadan Iftar celebration? Well, you can stop hovering around your mailbox... because it's never coming!

Visas given to visitors from Arab countries down 30% under Trump

Visas awarded by the Trump Administration to applicants in Muslim countries are down 20% and down 30% in Arab countries.

Trump sinking America deeper into unwinnable Afghanistan quagmire

President Trump is planning to send up to 5,000 additional American soldiers into Afghanistan to complement the 10,000 already there. Let's look at some numbers first:

Did the Prophet Mohammad really call on Muslims to fight global warming?

A hijabi opinion writer named Nana Firman wrote on that the Prophet Mohammad ordered Muslims to fight global warming. So that's what the whole war with radical Islam, with the Taliban, Al Qaeda and the Islamic State is all about--global warming!

Trump welcomes Syrian illegal aliens Australia doesn't want

It's bad enough that Trump violated his own campaign promise and continues the illegal, unconstitutional "Dreamer" amnesty created by Obama. But now Trump is going out of his way to take the most dangerous illegal aliens that other countries don't want!

Will Trump's reversal on Syrian refugees make him a one term President?

Supporters of Donald Trump, many of whom prominently campaigned for his election, are outraged by all the campaign promises he has reversed himself on--NATO, military action in Syria, the Federal Reserve, and the repeal of Obamacare, to name a few. But the straw that may break the camel's back is the issue of immigration and border security.

Trump considering screening visitors by their Facebook pages & phone records

There are reports that the Trump Administration is considering what it is calling "extreme vetting", which would seem to consist of asking potential visitors for their phones to see who they've been calling and access to their social media accounts.

What life is like in the Caliphate of Birmingham

When Muslims are in the minority, they complain about being oppressed. But the minute they become the majority, they become real oppressors because of the inherent intolerance of their culture. Nowhere is this more evident than in many parts of Birmingham, England.

Nutty Defense Secretary wants Islamists, Obama leftovers in senior posts

Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis wants to fill the most senior posts at the Defense Department with people sympathetic to Islamists, or almost as bad, people sympathetic to Barack Obama.

Hijabi NSC staffer quits, worsening shortage of pro-Sharia officials

Hijabi NSC staffer quits, worsening shortage of pro-Sharia officials

New National Security Advisor doesn't believe in "radical Islamic terrorism"

President Trump's new National Security Advisor doesn't believe it is "helpful" to say the phrase "radical Islamic terrorism."

Afghan bride sold for 30 goats executed for non-performance

In America, if you're a young woman and your parents disapprove of your boyfriend, you'll probably marry him anyway. But in Afghanistan, it happens a little differently, maybe even something like this:

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