FAA frowns on pilots having more than one gender in five years

The FAA says that it will not automatically award pilot licenses to applicants who have had more than one gender in the past five years. That is, if they have had a "sex change operation" in the past five years, the FAA says they may have to wait before being given a piloting license. They can still apply for a piloting license if they have had a sex change operation or artificially grown breasts in the past five years, but in that case have to fill out a gender dysphoria mental illness form to provide more information. The form, to be filled out by a psychiatrist, asks whether the patient has "mental health concerns", has ever been in a mental hospital, and ever tried to kill himself--all good questions to ask about mentally ill people who want to have pilot licenses, wouldn't you agree?

Medical Schools teaching doctors to give hormones to "transgendered" pre-teens

Medicine continues to advance! That may explain why Yale Medical School is teaching doctors in training to give hormones and puberty blockers to kids who claim they are "transgendered".

Emmys under fire for limiting award categories to men and women

The Emmys are being criticized for limiting nominations to actors and actresses. In fact, if you go back in history and look at past recipients of awards, 100% have been either men or women. Obviously, there is a pattern of ingrained gender discrimination going on here. And one actress, or actor, or something in between, is calling them out on it.

Boston mayor raises transgender flag and says pledge of aggrievance

The "Men are Men and Women are Women" bus rolled into Boston, and the Mayor of Boston, Marty Walsh, was not pleased. The bus was staffed by activists who were spreading the word that people born as men were always men, and people born as women are always women. Yes, even Rachel Maddow.

What kind of wife lets her husband go to cross-dressing school?

NPR had a segment about a man who went to a cross-dressing "school" to learn how to act and dress like a girl. But the truly astounding part of the story was that the wife approved! (Source: the audio on this webpage, not the text).

Why doesn't anyone want to wrestle with a girl who takes male hormones?

A question for my female readers: if you took male hormones, would you have trouble finding anyone to wrestle with you?

New study shows West Virginia is the transgendered capital of America

Have you ever wondered where the most "transgendered" people in America can be found, percentage-wise? Los Angeles? Manhattan? San Francisco?

If Obama had a son, would he have looked like Chelsea Manning?

By now it is well known that Obama has pardoned "Chelsea" Manning, the transvestite traitor who released many classified military secrets and was sentenced to a long term in jail. Obama seems to take a casual attitude towards the release of military information to our enemies.

Can you figure out the gender of the HuffPo's new Editor in Chief?

The Huffington Post named a new Editor in Chief yesterday, Lydia Polgreen. She has a lot going for her that the HuffPo would find appealing:

Mom sues to stop son from becoming daughter

It's interesting to note the typical things a parent can prevent their child from doing:

Rudy Giuliani in line to be first cross-dressing Attorney General

Rudy Giuliani may be about to break a barrier for trans people if reports are correct that he is "the leading candidate" to be named Trump's attorney general. We know Donald Trump is fond of Rudy; in this video you can see him kissing Giuliani's breasts while Giuliani is dressed as a middle aged blonde lady. What you may not know is that Rudy has an extensive history of dressing as a woman: here is a list of highlights of his public appearances as such:

Did Arab secret agents try to break Chelsea Manning out of prison?

Chelsea Manning, a man who (a) used to be called Bradley Manning (b) was sentenced to 35 years in jail for revealing military secrets, and (c) decided to while away the time in prison by growing lady breasts at taxpayer expense, has filed a complaint with the government alleging that intelligence agents speaking Arabic tried to break him out of prison.

Trump courts bisexual and transgendered swing voters

Campaigning in Colorado, where marijuana is king and kings are queens, Donald Trump came out to an audience, proudly displaying the gay flag. Yes, there is a gay flag, and it looks like this:

Hillary says that opposing boys in girls bathroom is "bigotry"

Hillary Clinton says that North Carolina's law requiring boys to stay out of girls' bathroom is "bigotry".

Target spending $20 million to build unisex bathrooms

Ever since Target decided to let male predators into women's bathrooms and changing rooms things haven't gone so well for the company.

Man in drag is proud speaker at Democrat convention

A man dressed as a woman was a speaker at the Democratic National Convention. He talked about how great it was to pretend to be a woman while having a penis. He even worked in the White House so perhaps he got to share a bathroom with Michelle Obama.

NBA will only play in states where players can peep in girls bathrooms

The NBA has announced it will not play basketball in North Carolina because of a law there that prevents men from peeping into girls' bathrooms.

Target celebrates man taking photos in women's changing room

A man who claimed he was a woman in his own mind was caught taking photos of a woman undressing at Target.

Mike Lee faces tough reelection contest with transvestite

Utah Senator Mike Lee has a tough reelection fight on his hands, as he finds himself facing someone who is both a man and a woman!

Liberals outraged by lack of tranvestite characters in films

17% of films feature homosexual characters, but very few feature tranvestite characters, outraging the homosexual lobby.

Many many incidents of men filming women in women's rooms

People like Donald Trump claim there is no problem letting men into women's bathrooms and dressing rooms, that he has never heard of any problems resulting from it.

Tourists cancelling visits to NC because men can't go into girls bathrooms

Tourists are cancelling visits to North Carolina and Mississippi because a new law prevents those who are men from going into girls' bathrooms. I guess they feel they will miss out on some essential sightseeing!

Obama criticized for not doing more for people with no gender

In London Obama was asked why he didn't do more for people with no gender.

What will happen when the first woman is raped at Target?

Now that Target is letting men use women's bathrooms and changing rooms, what will happen the first time woman is raped or molested or spied upon by a man?

Donald Trump ok with men in girls' bathrooms

Donald Trump says he is A-Ok with men in girl's bathrooms.

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